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Knorr Rice Cups
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Knorr Rice Cups: The New Mealtime Hero

Life is busier than ever, and finding time to cook healthy food and enjoy a delicious nutritious meal can be difficult. Knorr is here to help with Knorr Rice Cups! Perfect for lunch, dinner, or a snack, Knorr Rice Cups help make mealtime easier and can contribute to a healthier diet.

What Are Rice Cups?  

Knorr knows convenient food doesn’t have to mean bland food. Knorr Rice Cups offer easy, nutritious options that are ready in minutes.

Made with 100% American grown rice, Knorr Rice Cups have a quarter cup of real vegetables and six to seven grams of protein per serving. Our Rice Cups are designed to be filling, with 25% more food than the leading competitor, without creating waste for the single-serve experience.

To cook Knorr’s microwaveable rice cup, simply add cold water up to the line on the inside of the cup, give it a stir, and microwave it for two and a half minutes. Once ready, give the rice cup one more stir and enjoy!

Types of Rice Cups

As a main dish for any meal occasion, Knorr Rice Cups are packed with flavor and Knorr’s signature spices. Try any of Knorr’s four microwaveable rice cup flavors:

  • Fajita Rice - a healthy perfect combination of mouth-watering Southwest style spices, seasoned beans, bell peppers and rice!
  • Chicken Flavored Fried Rice - this savory rice dish contains peas and carrots along with toasted sesame flavor!
  • Three Cheese Mushroom Risotto - enjoy the creamy blend of three cheeses and earthy mushrooms in this nutritious and filling dish!
  • Garden Tomato Risotto - this fresh and light risotto featuring bell peppers, basil and tomatoes will have your taste buds dancing!

Ready to Start Cooking?  

Knorr Rice Cups are easy, nutritious dishes on their own or can enhance the flavor of any meal.

Looking for quick and easy meals? Cook up some grilled chicken, grilled lean beef or shrimp to add to your rice cups!

If you want to kick your next meal up a notch, try using Knorr Rice Cups in these recipes:

Knorr Rice Cups are here to make any mealtime occasion quick and nutritious. Whether you enjoy them on their own, use them to help meal prep, or incorporate them into your family’s favorite dish - Knorr’s Rice Cups are guaranteed to deliver vegetables and protein without sacrificing flavor! We can’t wait to hear about what you cook up next with Knorr’s Rice Cups.