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Knorr is a force for good

Knorr is a Force for Good

Knorr is working toward Sustainable Development Goal 2 by helping to ensure access to affordable Knorr products to use with delicious ingredients for recipes that are good for people and the planet while championing sustainable and regenerative agriculture.    

Knorr is on a mission to inspire everyone to ‘Taste for Good’ by eating delicious recipes that can help make things better for our bodies and our planet. A part of this mission focuses on the Knorr Future 50 Foods which are 50 special plants that have been individually chosen by Knorr, in partnership with WWF (Worldwide Fund for Nature) for their high nutritional value and lower environmental impact. These are vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, and beans from all over the world that have been and will continue to be added to products and recipes.

Knorr partners with farmers to grow ingredients sustainably, with 95% of vegetables and herbs sustainably grown globally. With a commitment to grow key ingredients in ways that are sustainable and regenerative, Knorr will continue to invest in regenerative agriculture to grow ingredients that are better for both people and land.

Learn more about the Global Sustainable Development Goals Opens in new window and see how you can also help.