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America’s Food Habits, How Do You Compare?

How America Eats

This is an exciting time for foodies in America. Cooking shows are increasing in popularity and people are open to experimenting in their own kitchens, using new gadgets and meal kits. Millennials are seeking out different culinary adventures and are keen to share their experiences on social media. Knorr believes that food is one of the greatest pleasures in life and flavor is there to be celebrated; our meals help people to be more creative in the kitchen and to develop their own cooking style.

We commissioned a OnePoll panel survey to closely examine the cooking habits of 2000 US adults; it revealed that while three in five Americans want to be more creative in their own kitchens, the average American hasn’t experimented with a new meal at home in longer than three months. If you’re in one (or both) of these groups, and you want to find some awesome new recipe ideas, then you’re in the right place!

Click on the interactive map below to find out about your fellow Americans’ culinary experiences.

A desire to experiment with new flavors

Though many of us are passionate about food, three in five Americans wish they were more creative in the kitchen. Those who feel they aren’t varied enough in their cooking say their main reason for not being more creative is a lack of confidence in making a meal that tastes good (34%) and a reluctance to spend too much time cooking (25%).

Most people (59%) say that they’re much more likely to try different foods when eating out and the average American hasn’t tried a new recipe at home in over three months. Nearly half of the people surveyed (42%) admit that the only person holding them back from experimenting with cooking is themselves.

A whole world of food yet to be discovered

There are a surprising number of Americans who haven’t tried a range of well-known foods and dishes; for example, 54% people say they haven’t tried sushi and 58% have never tasted a classic spaghetti Bolognese.

While nowadays cooking with grains is quite common, over half of our respondents have never tried barley, quinoa or rye. A third of people say they aren’t confident in cooking grains and the tricky spelling of quinoa means that 59% of people aren’t sure how to pronounce this wonderful ingredient. But don’t worry – creating delicious new meals with keen-wa and other grains is super simple!

To find out more about how to add taste and texture to your meals with delicious and nutritious grains, visit Knorr’s quinoa recipes and barley recipes pages.

Most people have sampled Italian, Chinese and Mexican cuisines but 85% have never tried Moroccan food. One of our Knorr chefs’ missions is to provide better food, in an accessible way, for people who want to try original flavors; recipes such as Moroccan style chicken with barley and roast pork with tamarind gravy blend global spices for exotic meal ideas.

A preference for eating out over home cooking

The average American spends just 42 minutes on prepping and cooking all their meals every day and only eats eight home-cooked meals per week, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. One of their main barriers to preparing food at home is that they struggle for inspiration, so we pulled together some delicious home-cooked recipes with new ideas for you to try.

Knorr solutions

Cooking shouldn’t be a chore or take up too much time, in fact, we believe that the process of preparing food should be a fun experience – the perfect way to unwind after a long day. Knorr products are designed to give you confidence in the kitchen, suggesting different ways to experiment with fresh new ingredients.

Discover our range of recipes including these tasty skillet recipes for easy instructions that are quick to prepare and simple to follow. Once you’ve added to the range of delicious meals you can cook from scratch, you’ll soon be impressing your family and friends with your culinary creativity!