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Find your cooking style


Discover Your Cooking Style & Recipes To Match

From the Simple Recipe Seeker to the Creative Food Explorer, we celebrate every kind of home cook. Want to find out which style best describes you? Just answer 6 quick questions and we'll give you a collection of delicious recipes curated for the way you actually like to cook and eat. Bon appetit!

What best describes your skills in the kitchen?

I’m a really confident chef
I’ve got the basics down, but could use some inspiration
I look for quick & easy solutions
I prefer takeout

How do you feel about cooking?

It’s fun, I love the process of making a meal
I enjoy cooking, but things don’t always go as planned
Cooking is a chore

What do you look for in the food products you buy?

Fuel for my creativity in the kitchen
Kitchen tips and tricks to sharpen my cooking skills
Solutions that make my life easier
No work required – I like it simple

How creative are you in the kitchen?

Very, I love to experiment!
A little, I usually follow a recipe
Basic. I have a few go to meals
Not at all

Who do you cook for?

For Myself
Myself & My Partner
I cook for the entire Family
I’m not the primary cook

What best describes your dietary preferences when making a meal?

I’m a meat lover! Most (or all) of my meals have poultry or meat.
Some of my meals have poultry or meat, but sometimes I make vegetarian meals too.
I’m a plant lover! Most (or all) of my meals are vegetarian.