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Campsite cooking made easy: top tips & ideas

With just a bit of careful planning, you can eat tasty, balanced meals that the whole family can enjoy while camping. Follow these simple rules and you’ll be making delicious campsite meals in no time and check out our fantastic one-pot camping recipes for more inspiration.

First thing’s first… PACK WISELY

Food can weigh a lot, especially if you’re walking long distances. But it doesn’t mean you have to skimp on your meals. Minimize the equipment you need by planning one-pot meals with ingredients that require minimal chopping and prepping. You’ll only need one pan, some utensils and you’re good to go!


Packing a good supply of Knorr Rice Sides will provide the perfect starting point for your one-pot meals. Check out this Spanish chorizo & bean rice or Rice pilaf, for example. Already packed with flavor, you’ll need just a few extra ingredients to make your meal complete.

Add ingredients for… A BALANCED MEAL

Canned vegetables (No Salt Added) and proteins, such as beans or chicken, will last without spoiling, and can easily be added to your pot without any further prep needed. Give this Jamaican rice & peas a go. Or if you’ve got the space and inclination, then pack a few fresh vegetables to add more flavor to your one-pot. A humble onion cooked slowly can add sweetness to a simple meal.

Remember to… Use your SNACKS wisely. Your typical snacks can be used to add flavor and texture to your meals, too. Nuts can be toasted and stirred through your one-pot rice dishes, like this Cheesy rice with sweet onions or this Greek-style chicken & rice for extra smokiness, crunch and some protein. Or add dried fruit to this Persian-style rice for a hint of sweetness. Even fresh fruit can be put to good use in your morning oatmeal.


You can enhance the flavor of a basic dish simply and easily with a bit of salt or low sodium soy sauce (such as in this Asian fried rice), black pepper, a dash of good olive oil or a dollop of chilli sauce. Rather than bring the whole kitchen cupboard, put some of your essential flavors into small, individual plastic containers. They’ll weigh next to nothing, but you’ll be thankful for them at the other end.

Keep it chill… ICE-COLD DRINKS

Want a guaranteed ice-cold drink after a long walk? Put a few bottles or cartons of your favorite drink in the freezer the night before you set off. Pack them frozen, and let them slowly defrost throughout the day. They also double-up as great ice packs to keep any chilled items cold for the journey.

Leave no trace… PACK UP CAREFULLY

Whatever trash you’re left with after cooking, whether it’s empty cans or plastic packets, be sure to to take it with you or re-use it wisely. Cans can double-up as a holder for your utensils, and empty containers can carry leftover food. Be sure to leave your camp as you found it.

Returning home? Here are some clever tips and ideas to adapt recipes from campsite to kitchen.