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What is Bouillon
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A History, Types of Bouillon & How to Use Bouillon

How to pronounce bouillon? 

bool - yaan.

What is bouillon?  

Dehydrated seasoned beef, chicken or vegetable stock perfect for enhancing flavor in any recipe. The use of Knorr bouillon, including bouillon cubes and granulated bouillon, is popular in recipes around the world, but it is most commonly used in soups, sauces, and gravies.

Knorr’s History 

In August 1838, in a local newspaper notice, Carl Heinrich Theodor Knorr promised to “serve everyone cheaply and well” at his Specerei Waarengeschaft general store where he sold food and spices. Just a month later, Carl would open his first spice factory and begin to evolve his store to Knorr, the global food and beverage brand it is today.

Carl Heinrich Theodor Knorr

By 1901, Knorr was producing over 40 flavor varieties of soup tablets. By 1911, Knorr would own the biggest macaroni factory in Europe and would continue to expand into the production of sauces (Knorr Sos and Knorr Wurze) as well as bouillon cubes - the first example of commercialized concentrated stock cube. Knorr’s history represents a pioneering effort to introduce flavorsome, nutritious, and affordable convenience foods to everyday people.

By 1988, Knorr’s 150th anniversary, its products were being sold in more than 47 countries around the world. Today, Knorr is recognized as one of the world’s largest cooking brands, continuing Carl’s mission of nutritious and delicious cooking, while celebrating the wonderful diverse food, dishes, and flavors found around the globe.

Knorr 1930s Price List

What is bouillon?  

Knorr bouillon products, including granulated bouillon and bouillon cubes, are a dehydrated, expertly flavored stock made to enhance the flavors of any dish and have been around for more than 100 years. Frequently used for soups, sauces, and gravies - many everyday chefs don’t know just how versatile bouillon is!

As you explore new recipes using bouillon, you may wonder is bouillon the same as broth? While they are similar, bouillon is made with stock, not broth, and is much more efficient. Bouillon is a highly concentrated, flavor agent made from dehydrated stock with a variety of seasonings and herbs. Stock is typically made with bones, whereas, traditionally, broth is made over a period of time by simmering meat in water with vegetables and herbs.

What is in Bouillon?  

  • What is in beef bouillon?
  • Beef bouillon is made of beef stock, vegetables, herbs and spices.

  • What is in chicken bouillon
  • Chicken bouillon is made of chicken stock, vegetables, herbs and spices.

  • What is in vegetable bouillon?
  • Vegetable bouillon is made of vegetable stock, herbs and spices.

Just add water and bouillon cubes or granulated bouillon will enhance any dish with its intense flavors. Made of dehydrated, condensed meat or vegetable stock, bouillon makes it easy to create your favorite, flavorful dishes at a moment’s notice. Bouillon cubes are pre-measured making it any home chef’s favorite, hassle-free ingredient of choice.

Arroz Con Pollo

Have granulated bouillon on hand? It has the same amazing flavor as a bouillon cube just in powdered form! Available in chicken, beef or vegetable - there is a bouillon flavor for every dish.

Chicken Vegetable Skewers

How do you use Bouillon?

From classic Central and West African recipes like poulet braisé and jollof, curry and soups in India to chicken enchiladas in Mexico and almost any dish in the U.S. – bouillon is used around the globe to create flavorful and unforgettable dishes. Salsa, pizzas, pasta, seafood, peanuts and more – any recipe can be made better by adding Knorr bouillon.

Still not sure how to use bouillon? Try these 21 recipes to get you started. We can’t wait to hear about what you whip up!