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How To Have A Balanced Diet While Camping

Eating a balanced diet while camping is easier than you might think. With a bit of mindful planning, you can bring just the right amount of ingredients and equipment to cook the whole family tasty, balanced meals that won’t weigh your pack down. Here’s our guide to cooking, snacking and drinking smart while out in the wilderness.

One-pot meals

Arming yourself with a few, foolproof one-pot recipes is a good start. With Knorr Sides recipes, we’ve created balanced one-pot rice dishes that require minimal equipment and ingredients. Simply add protein, rice and vegetable to one pan and leave it to cook! Minimal washing up or prep needed.

Start with carbohydrates

Rice is a great carbohydrate option to provide calories to fuel your camping trip. Knorr® Rice Sides™ Cheddar Broccoli and Knorr® Asian Sides™ Chicken Fried Rice are packed with flavor and will provide you with a light-weight, tasty base to start your meals.

Pack in the protein

Canned beans, chicken and fish can offer a great alternative protein source to fresh ingredients. Particularly useful when you haven’t got a refrigerator to fall back on. Try this Persian-style rice with canned chicken or, for a plant-based alternative, use beans in this Jamaican rice & peas or Cheesy Mexican rice. Fresh tofu also travels well; fry it until golden in this Asian fried rice recipe or swap in whichever protein source you prefer to use, simply and easily.

Get your vegetables

Canned vegetables are an easy way to get beneficial nutrients without the need to peel and chop them first. Pack a few cans of sweetcorn or peas to add color and flavor to this Mexican cheesy rice or Asian fried rice. Feel free to take a few vegetables too, such as onions or a pack of greens; they’ll last a few days and can easily be chopped into a pan for additional flavor. Try this Cheesy rice with sweet onions & toasted nuts recipe.

Better snacks

Avoid chocolate bars and salty chips. Instead, snack on dried nuts and fresh fruit, plain popcorn or even nut butter with whole wheat crackers to hold you over until your next meal.


Make sure you don’t forget to pack a durable water bottle! Avoid drinking your calories with sugary drinks and think of clever ways to liven up plain water such as brewing up some unsweetened iced tea, and add fresh ingredients, from lemon or lime slices to fresh cucumber for some extra flavor and a great way to stay hydrated!