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Three Secrets to Cooking Delicious Mexican Red Rice
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Three Secrets to Cooking Delicious Mexican Red Rice

Learn the basics of cooking Mexican Red Rice, from the utensils you use to the cooking process.

Red Rice, Mexican Red Rice, Mexican style Rice, however you choose to call it, is very similar to the white rice you have always cooked but with an extra touch of flavor and color. It’s the ideal side dish to any meat or fish or even a vegetable stir-fry, but how do you make a delicious Mexican Rice? Next time you’re cooking Mexican Red Rice, keep in mind these three things. Right them down.

The Utensils

When you’re cooking Mexican Red Rice that requires slow cooking, the best thing you can do is follow this golden rule: cook it in a deep pot. Why? This type of pot distributes heat evenly, cooking the rice slowly and evenly. This way, the rice will be properly cooked and will not stick to the bottom.

The Ingredients

This type of rice does not contain complicated ingredients, but it does include some that are essential. One of these ingredients is tomato, which will add that extra touch of color and flavor. Another option is adding Knorr® Tomato Bouillon with Chicken Flavor to the cooking water or simply cooking it with Knorr® Mi Arroz™ Sazonador para Arroz Rojo. Your rice will have that perfect color and that authentic and delicious flavor.

The Cooking

How do you make Mexican Red Rice with that perfectly fluffy consistency? The secret is following these two steps during the cooking process. The first thing you should do is sauté the rice in the cooking oil before boiling. This will help seal the starch in the grains and prevent the rice from sticking. The second step is during the cooking process: remember to add the rice when the water is at a very high temperature, so that it boils as soon as possible. This will allow the rice to cook without sticking.

And there you have it: the three main tips to help you cook the perfect Mexican Red Rice. Which dish will you pair it with today?