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Barley Recipes

Barley is an ancient grain, which means plants or seeds that have been cultivated for centuries in the same way and are genetically similar to the grains our ancestors would have eaten. Ancient grains grow in the fields in their natural state and haven’t been modified or cross-bred by modern agriculture.

They’re also more nutritious than refined grain products as they’re eaten in their whole form, including the germ, where you’ll find most nutrients. Incorporating a variety of ancient grains into your diet means you will introduce new flavors to your palate, and each grain has something different to offer – our range of barley recipes will bring a welcome twist to your usual meals; try this Moroccan-style chicken with barley recipe

Barley is one of the oldest consumed grains in the world and has been little changed by selective breeding. It was a popular crop among Bronze and Iron Age farmers as it’s easy to prepare for milling and eating straight after harvest. But by the mid-20th century it had practically disappeared, being replaced by wheat.

In recent years, barley has resurfaced as an ingredient in many popular dishes. Knorr’s Master chefs are experts in international cuisine; they create recipes using barley for people who love real food, blending this organic ancient grain with your favorite meat and fish. Try this juicy lemon chicken with barley recipe or salmon with barley.

Barley is surprisingly versatile with a chewy pasta-like consistency and a rich nutty flavor. Recipes with barley will add a delicious layer of texture to any dish. At roughly 200 calories a cup, barley will keep you feeling full and satisfied for extended periods.

Knorr has a range of authentic pearl barley recipes, which means barley that has been polished to remove the bran layer so that it is smoother and cooks faster. Barley soup recipes are packed with earthy taste and are perfect for a nourishing lunch; this >vegetarian barley soup or roasted tomato and barley soup will keep you going until dinner.

Although making barley soup is one of the most popular methods of cooking barley, there are many other ways to bring the delicious flavors of barley to your table. It can add bite and substance to breads and stews and gives a rustic edge to traditional rice dishes like pilaf and risotto. More adventurous dishes such as Moroccan-style chickpeas with barley include aromatic seasoning and allow you to explore exotic food combinations.

As barley is a good source of protein, vegetarian barley recipes can be useful for the rising number of people looking to reduce their meat and dairy product intake. Nourishing barley recipes will encourage you to cook from scratch with tasty new ingredients.