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Around The World In One-Pot Rice

From Jamaican rice & peas to Asian fried rice, take the world to your campsite with these simple rice recipes. Made using Knorr Rice Sides and brightened up with extra ingredients to create tasty, balanced meals that the whole family will love, these recipes are all designed for one pot – perfect for cooking over a camp stove.

An Asian classic, try this fried rice with crispy tofu and peas for a veggie dish that’s packed with protein. Perfect for the campsite, tofu travels well without refrigeration;
fry it until golden to bring out the flavor, or as an extra tip, roll tofu chunks in sesame seeds or chili flakes for extra spice and nuttiness. NOTE: Tofu is also sold in sealed containers kept at room temperature, which do not need refrigeration until they are opened. When opened, all tofu needs to be rinsed, covered with water, and kept in a refrigerated cooler.

Persian-style rice is classically packed with dried fruits and nuts for a perfect combination of sweet, sour and crunch. Try to use a variety if you can, including dried cranberries and chopped dates, and pistachios and almonds. If you’re trying this at home, add pomegranate seeds and some chopped fresh mint to really make it sing of Persia.

This Jamaican favorite is misleading; peas actually refer to the kidney beans that are used so widely in this part of the Caribbean. Although traditionally very spicy, you can control the heat to what you can handle; a pinch of paprika will work perfectly, but feel free to throw in some fresh or dried chili, too. Cooked in coconut milk, this is a filling rice dish that is packed with flavor.

Widely eaten in India, throw in a touch of curry powder or paste for extra authenticity. You can add any protein here, from beans to chicken, so use what you have available. The nuts will provide extra crunch and some protein, too!

Mexico does rice well, and that’s only too obvious in this cheesy bean dish. Sweet corn and black beans give color and sustenance to this rice recipe with a hint of chili for warming spice. Brighten it up at home with a sprinkling of chopped cilantro, if you like.

Travel to the Mediterranean with this Greek-style rice. Toss olives and almonds give it depth of flavor and crunch. Try adding a grating of lemon zest or a squeeze of lemon juice and a handful of chopped parsley for a fresh Med vibe.

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