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Millie Peartree

Millie Peartree

Millie Peartree is a world-renowned chef, former restauranteur, and cupcake maker, who has spent over a decade perfecting her culinary skills and craft. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Millie was forced to shut down her restaurant. Millie started a new venture: helping underserved children. With 50% of food pantries closing during the pandemic, Millie had an idea. She established Full Heart Full Bellies, a non-profit that provides prepared meals for children in grades K through 12 and families in the Bronx.

Her motto is, “I don’t have the most and I don’t have the least.” Millie has been able to feed over 80,000 meals to underserved children, 5,000 essential works, and 5,000 food boxes for families during the crisis and bring national awareness to food insecurity.

Millie's current focus is establishing another food drive, curating wellness programs, and raising additional support for the community garden planned for later this summer.

Millie can also be seen on Good Morning America, The TODAY Show, Rachael Ray, and as a regular contributor to the New York Times. Learn more about Millie on her website and click sign up here for some of her best cooking hacks.