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Introducing New Knorr Concentrated Stocks
Kitchen Tips and Tricks

Introducing New Knorr Concentrated Stocks

Create delicious and easy-to-make soups, sauces and meals with the newest cooking innovation from Knorr — concentrated beef stock and concentrated chicken stock. With the rich flavor of bouillon cubes and the added convenience of an easy-to-dose, resealable bottle, our concentrated stocks are ready to take your dishes to the next level.

What is concentrated chicken stock and beef stock?

Knorr Concentrated Stocks are chicken and beef broth stocks that are super-reduced to create an intense flavor that’s the perfect addition to broths, soups, sauces and marinades. Made with real chicken and beef, Knorr Concentrated Stocks don’t contain any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives and are gluten-free.

How to use concentrated stock

New Knorr Concentrated Stocks are a convenient way to create a quick broth or sauce and even marinate your favorite proteins and vegetables, making them one of the most versatile tools in your pantry. Here are just a few ways you can use these concentrated stocks:

1.     Since our concentrate is already liquid, it blends instantly into boiling water to create the perfect broth. The resealable bottle gives you the freedom to add as much or as little of the rich flavor you desire.

2.     Instantly boost the flavor of your favorite stir-fry recipe by adding the rich concentrate flavor and texture, without the extra liquid. Just a quick dose of Knorr Concentrated Stocks will instantly enhance the flavor of the whole dish.

3.     You can even kick your grill game up a notch with a coating of concentrated stock that easily blends and perfectly coats food for a richer flavor than salt and pepper.

New Concentrated Stock

Concentrated Stock vs. Broth

What makes concentrated stock different from a traditional broth? Firstly, Knorr Concentrated Stocks provide the possibility to create so much more than broth. Its concentrated form makes it quick and easy to create delicious sauces and marinades for more flavorful meals without overpowering the natural flavor of fresh ingredients. Speaking of flavor, the easy-to-dose bottle means you can add the exact amount of flavor you want. And when it comes to convenience you can’t beat concentrate. With no refrigeration needed, Knorr Concentrated Stocks last up to 12 months in your pantry and even save space and packaging since one bottle can make up to 33 cups of broth.

Ready to start cooking?

Now that you know what a concentrated stock is and how to use it, it’s time to create your own delicious meals. Use the tips we’ve provided to enhance your recipes or try something new from our recipe book, like our Easy Homemade Beef Stew or Easy Chicken & Vegetable Soup. The possibilities are endless with the versatility and rich flavor of Knorr Concentrated Stocks.