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Chef Luigi Carola
Meet Our Chefs

Chef Luigi Carola

The Wandering Chef:

Luigi Carola was just 15 when he decided to leave home and travel the globe. It was a decision that would shape the young Italian into the passionate chef he is today.

As Luigi explored the world, he soon acquired a taste for all the interesting flavors beyond Italy’s shores. Moreover, as his burgeoning appetite for global cuisines grew, he made another decision - one that would both fund his travels and allow him to embrace his newfound passion for exciting food. Luigi decided to become a chef.

The Journey Continues

Now one of our head chefs, Luigi has been busy in the Knorr® kitchens for the past 13 years. He still has the same hunger for travel too, having visited 67 countries and counting!

All that wanderlust has boosted his chef credentials. Experiencing so many different cooking traditions and cultural specialties has helped to develop Luigi’s natural instinct for crafting recipes to fit the changing tastes in inpidual countries.

His ambition is simply to provide a convenient and authentic way to make the food you love even tastier. That, along with his sensitivity to regional palates, made him the perfect chef to help create our new range of Homestyle Stock – the taste of stock made from scratch, ready to mix into your meals for a fuller flavor.

Favorite Flavors

Though a born adventurer, little excites Luigi’s taste buds like the delicious local cuisine from his home in Naples. Festival season will especially see the Italian chef busily rustling up spaghetti and vongole made from the freshest fish, and tagliatelle made with the finest pasta.

They say that home is where the heart is and so, for someone so well-travelled, we’re delighted Luigi has chosen to settle at Knorr®, bringing to the table all that he has discovered along the way. Whether exploring the world in search of new flavors, cooking for friends, or creating new Knorr® recipes, his genuine love for food and flavor makes him an exciting chef to have in the kitchen.

Kitchen Wisdom

1. Add an extra Homestyle Stock tub to vegetables, sauces, meat and poultry to intensify their flavor.

2. If you’re hungry and want to watch the big game, try preparing lots of tasty snacks like pizza, grilled vegetables and cold cuts – that way you can eat and not miss a moment of the action.