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3 Ways To Cook with Knorr Concentrated Bouillon

3 Ways To Cook with Knorr Concentrated Bouillon

Did you know there are many quick and easy ways to cook with Knorr Liquid Concentrated Bouillon? Made gluten-free and available in vegetable, chicken and beef variants, this irresistible bouillon combines a variety of rich, robust flavours that transforms any dish into a meal your loved ones will remember. Keep reading for just a few delicious ways you can elevate your meal.  


Simply pour ½ tsp. of Knorr Liquid Concentrated Bouillon into 1 cup of water (it will dissolve easily!). With Liquid Concentrated Bouillon you can avoid the long slow simmering of traditional stocks to make quick, authentic, rich-stock flavored soups in trendy dishes like:

  • Pho
  • Ramen Noodles and the ever popular
  • Chicken Soup.  


The concentrated liquid flavor of this bouillon makes it perfect to use as a seasoning or in marinades for vegetables, chicken, beef, pork, seafood and especially meatless proteins, like tofu, all without long marinating times!

Simple Directions:

  1. Pour: About 2 tbsp. of Knorr Liquid Concentrated Bouillon onto about 1 lb. or 2 lbs of protein.
  2. Cut: Mixed vegetables and toss in bouillon to combine.

Alternatively, you can mix Knorr Liquid Concentrated Bouillon with some olive oil and your favorite herbs and spices to combine.

As you prepare, you’ll notice how easy the bouillon or bouillon marinade mixture coats your food and elevates it with rich flavour, well beyond what simple salt and pepper can do.  


The right sauce can boost flavour for any dish. And with Knorr Liquid Concentrated Bouillon by your side, you can create easy sauces, especially with skillet sautés and stir fry.

Simple Directions:

  1. Sauté: your vegetables, then proteins, add everything together.
  2. Pour: into the vegetables about 1 ½ tbsp. of Liquid Concentrated Bouillon.

This will help create a rich flavour that enhances all of your ingredients’ flavours. And, since it’s concentrated, your dish won’t get too watery, like if you were to try and get the same flavour impact from a comparable amount of broth.  

More Delicious Uses  

Knorr Liquid Concentrated Bouillon is also perfect for adding rich flavour to gravies, stews and risottos. A small amount can add mouthwatering flavour to the cooking liquids for your rice, pastas & grains like quinoa, barley and farro, to name a few.

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