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Reducing the intake of meat is better for the planet and our health so we are making Cheating On Meat mouth-watering by simply swapping meat for vegetables and grains with the help of Knorr Veggie Stocks. It can be a bit daunting so why not try just one day to Cheat On Meat. You can extend your life by 46.15 minutes per meat-free day and save the equivalent amount of greenhouse gases as driving from London to Edinburgh.*

For more information go to our Cheat on Meat Calculator.

*Source: Meat Free Mondays and The Darwin Challenge App, 2022. Data based on one meat-free meal per week for a year.

We partnered with The Hairy Bikers because they have gone through the meat to meat-free journey themselves due to seeing the importance that a reduced meat diet has to their health and the planet. They are keen to show the rest of Britain how meat-free dishes can still be delicious thanks to Knorr Veggie Stocks.

Together with WWF (the World Wide Fund for Nature), we launched The Future 50 Foods report, a collection of diverse plant-based foods from around the world that can boost the nutritional value of our meals whilst reducing the environment impact of our food supply. The most common foods found in the UK include spinach, lentils, sweet potato and more. Our recipes include at least one Future 50 Food to ensure easy nutritional boosts to your meals.

Check out our FREE Cheat On Meat Cook Book for more inspiration.

Increase the nutritional value of your meals by sampling swapping some foods for one of the Future 50 Foods. For example, switch the beef in your Bolognese for lentils and you can reduce the greenhouse gas impact of your meal up to 99%!

They also use a lot less water and absorb all the flavours whilst cooking! 

All Knorr products can be found at your local supermarket, have a look at our store locator to find your nearest one.

Store our products in a cool, dry place such as your kitchen cupboard or in the pantry!

A stock pot is homemade stock reduced down which turns into a jelly state, therefore creating a stock pot. A stock cube is a mixture of flavoured powder bound together. They can be used interchangeably, although a stock cube is more versatile as you can use to make marinade and pastes. These are the quickest and easiest ways to add flavour to your dishes. 

Melt in a Knorr Stock Pot to any liquid-based dish, such as in sauces, casseroles, soups and more for that homemade stock flavour. Knorr Stock Cubes also can be used for these dishes but are more versatile where you can make these into pastes, marinades and even add to the water of your vegetables or rice! Most of our recipes can use both a Knorr Stock Pot or a Knorr Stock Cube.

Stock can be made from scratch, all you have to do is add vegetables, meat bones and herbs and let it boil for up to six hours. A long process, we know! That’s why Knorr has done all the hard work for you – just simply add a Knorr Stock Pot instead and let it dissolve! 

A lot of the products in our range are gluten free, just check the packaging for the symbol.

Knorr has a history and expertise in sustainability as sustainably sourced vegetables and herbs have been used in products for the past decade. Currently, globally 95% of all vegetables and herbs in Knorr products are sourced sustainably. In some products, we also use organic ingredients which are produced with natural substances and excluding synthetic substances. 

Any product that says Gluten Free complains with the FIC Regulations as they fall under the 20ppm gluten limit. 

Knorr Aromat Seasoning is a finely balanced blend of herbs and spices which you can use just like salt and pepper! Add it whilst cooking or at the table as a condiment and can transform poultry, eggs, salads and vegetables.

We understand there’s a concern around having too much salt in your diet with this causing health problems, so we created the first ever Zero Salt Stock Cube giving you the choice to decide if and how much salt to add to your diet. This means that you’re able to cook for the whole family! 

Our Knorr Organic Stock Pots range are all organic and the Knorr Zero Salt Chicken Stock Cubes are free range. 

The cardboard boxes are recyclable as are the Knorr Dry Seasoning glass shakers, but we’re always working on improving our packaging so keep an eye out for recyclable icons on the pack.

We are encouraging everyone to eat more plants and less meat which means more variety of foods with nutritional value. We are also growing and producing food in ways that are sustainable, restorative and regenerative across our vegetables, herbs, grains and top five spices by 2025.

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Knorr has been part of Unilever for many years and plays a big part of Unilever’s wider sustainability commitments whether it’s creating a sustainable food system, or a waste-free future. Read more about at Unilever's commitment to planet & society.