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Meals that Matter
Meals that MatterTM

Make a Meal that really delivers

Welcome to Meals That Matter. Here you’ll see seasonal recipes hand-crafted by our global chefs, so you can count on flavourful dishes for every meal. Whether you’re a first-time cook or a master of the kitchen, we’ve got you covered with simple, delicious recipes and tips to make evening cooking easier.

Plan. Prep. Plate.

Explore over 500 ways to reclaim cooking! Enjoy chef-curated recipes, customized meal plans, and instant grocery lists. You can even checkout online! It’s the NEW all-in-one meal preparation tool, by Knorr.

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Turn Up The Taste

’Whether you’re gearing up for Sunday backyard barbecues with family or just getting your first balcony hibachi, grilling season is a great time to explore rich flavours, new recipes and fine-tune your grill master techniques.

Enjoy our simple, flavourful recipes and hacks like how to grill the perfect steak or exploring the rich flavours of the world like Ancho Steak Tacos and Chicken Tikka Masala! When it comes to flavourful cooking, we’ve got all you need to turn up the taste this season.


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  • Perfect Steak Rub

    • Vegetarian
  • Aloo Gobi

    • Vegetarian
  • Beef and Spinach Curry

    • Vegetarian
  • Ancho Steak Tacos

    • Vegetarian
  • Chicken Tacos

    • Vegetarian
  • Fish Tacos with Cabbage Slaw

    • Vegetarian
  • Vegetable Tacos

    • Vegetarian
  • Chicken Tikka Masala

    • Vegetarian

Perfect Rice Every Time

Enhance the flavour of any rice dish by using Knorr® Bouillon Cubes. You can also add a depth of flavour to other grains like quinoa!

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