Quick Soup Chicken and Vegetable

Tasty and flavourful 

Instant chicken and vegetable soup mix made with carefully selected ingredients 

Potato Starch, Palm Fat, Iodised Salt, Yeast Extract, Peas (5.8%)† , Glucose Syrup, Carrots (4%)† , Flavourings, Salt, Chicken Powder (Chicken, Salt, Antioxidant (Extracts of Rosemary)) (2%), Sugar, Chicken Fat (Chicken Fat, Antioxidant (Extracts of Rosemary)) (1.7%), Onions (1.6%)†, Milk Proteins, Vegetable Juice Concentrates† (Celeriac, Onion, Carrot, Leek), Spices (Lovage Roots† , Turmeric† , Pepper), Herbs (Chives† , Celery Leaves), Lemon Juice Powder, Sunflower Seed Oil, † From sustainable agriculture 

Amount Per Portion
Fat 3.2
Saturated Fat 1.9
Salt 1.8
Sugars 1.3
Protein 1.7

How to use

1. Empty the contents of sachet into a mug 2. Pour in 190ml of boiling water, stir well, let settle and enjoy. 3. Enjoy!

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