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Future 50 Campaign - Sesame Seeds
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Sesame Seeds


According to Assyrian legend, when the gods met to create the world, they drank wine made from sesame seeds. Cultivated for millennia and highly resilient, the plants produce pods that burst open when mature to reveal their tiny golden seeds. This is where the phrase “open sesame” comes from.

About 3 tablespoons sesame seeds are an excellent source of magnesium and are a good source of Phosphorus and Zinc. They can be eaten raw, toasted and as a paste called tahini. They add crunch and a nice nutty flavour to sushi, salads, soups, noodles and rice dishes. They're commonly found in crackers and baked goods, such as the Middle Eastern dessert, halva.

They also make a wonderfully fragrant oil that is great in stir-fries and adds flavour when drizzled over savoury dishes or used in dressings.



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Focus on all the exciting flavours you can add with plant-based foods. Try new recipes to help introduce different foods, such as umami-rich enoki mushrooms, or rethink the way you see familiar foods, perhaps by utilizing lusciously roasted walnuts in a savoury dish.

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