Miyan Taushe

Miyan Taushe

A great blend of groundnut and pumpkin leaves spiced with pepper, Dawadawa (or Iru) & Knorr cubes. It is enjoyed best with Tuwo Shinkafa
  • 45 Minutes

    Cooking Time

  • Medium


  • 15 Minutes

    Prep Time

  • 3 People


  • 1 small sized Pumpkin
  • 1/2 cup of raw Groundnut – you can substitute with groundnut paste
  • Assorted Namaa
  • Goat meat and cow leg
  • Assorted Offals - saki
  • fuku, heart and kidney
  • 1 piece of smoked fish
  • 1/4 cup of Locust beans (Iru)
  • 2 pieces of habanero pepper (ata rodo/atarugu)
  • 100g of Yakuwa leaves (sorrel)
  • 1 bunch of spinach
  • 1 cooking spoon of palm oil – optional
  • 1 piece of Tatashe (Red bell pepper/Jan Tatasei)
  • 2 pieces of tomatoes
  • 1 Albasa – onion
  • Knorr cube
  • Gishiri - Salt

  1. Cut the pumpkin into half then proceed to cut into chunks. Peel the hard outer layer, take out the seeds and the hairy pulp

  2. Boil and season the pumpkin with the assorted meats and smoked fish.

  3. Take out the meats and fry slightly (optional). Meanwhile, mash the cooked pumpkin to a pulp in the pot containing the beef stock. You can choose to mash all the pumpkin chunks to a pulp or mash some whilst leaving the others in tiny bite sized pieces. Once this is done, set aside.

  4. Roast the groundnut with the skin on for 3 minutes in a pan. Peel the skin and grind the groundnut till it is smooth

  5. Blend the ingredients for the pepper (tomatoes, onion, scotch bonnet/habanero pepper & bell pepper) and reduce it till most of the water content has evaporated.

  6. Put the fried meat back into the pot containing beef stock and mashed pumpkin. Let it cook till the stock starts to bubble up. Lower the heat, add the groundnut paste, stir and let it also dissolve.

  7. Add the Locust beans (or Iru) and 1 1/2 cooking spoons of the reduced pepper, and palm oil (if you are using). Stir and let it blend with the stock

  8. This rich pumpkin soup will be watery at first. Let it simmer on low heat till it thickens, thereby intensifying the flavour. Taste for salt and seasoning. Wash and chop the spinach, then add to the pot.

  9. Rinse the Yakuwa leaves, chop and add to the soup. Give it two minutes and serve with Tuwo Shinkafa

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