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Classic Filipino corned beef hash for breakfast served with fried rice and sunny side up egg

5 Ways to Level Up Your Corned Beef

Corned beef choices are aplenty, so why not make the most of it by enjoying them in new and unique ways? Here are our top 5 recipe picks.

A quick visit to the grocery store will reveal shelf after shelf of corned beef. With local labels and imported brands alike, this canned cured meat comes in sachets, small cans, and even massive tins that can feed the entire family.

Pinoys love corned beef so much that you will rarely find a pantry without it. Because of its simplicity, this hashed meat translates quickly into breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. The proof is in the checkout line: when hoarding groceries to prepare for bad weather, the average shopper will have several cans of corned beef in their carts. Not only is it delicious—it's doomsday-proof, too.

What’s surprising is that despite the popularity—and versatility—of corned beef, its cooking method rarely varies. The label on the tin reads the same across the board: heat with oil and add garlic, potatoes, and onions. And sure, the classic tastes great—but there’s more than one way to enjoy this ready-to-cook meat. Here are a few new upgrades for your favorite corned beef.

5 Best Corned Beef Recipes That Go Beyond Guisado

A pan of corned beef hash with potatoes and a generous sprinkling of parsley

First things first: how do you take your corned beef? Do you go the crispy-friend route, leaving almost no juices behind? Or are you the opposite, preferring lots of broth with the beef? Whichever way you swing, there are scrumptious options here for every palate—all using the same pan-cooked shredded meat you grew up with. Scroll to see how the tried-and-tested ulam of your childhood can transform into something completely new.

1. Corned Beef Tacos

Whether hard or soft shell, beef tacos make a hearty meal. And with the recent buzz created by birria tacos, now is a good time to play around with your fillings. In place of ground meat, use corned beef marinated in Knorr Liquid Seasoning to recreate your very own version of the birria. If you aren’t into dipping your tacos into a consommé, this classic beef taco recipe will work just as well. 

2. Corned Beef Lumpia

You can use home-style ready-to-cook soup mixes like Knorr Cream of Mushroom Soup to cut your cooking time by minutes or hours. Bring 1 liter of water to a boil over a stove, then add 1 pack of soup mix and bring it down to a simmer. Watch it come together in 5 minutes! Made with real mushrooms and locally-sourced ingredients, this soup mix will quickly bag a deserving spot in your pantry. 

3. Corned Beef Nilaga

This recipe may not be new to some, but you’ll be surprised to learn how many people have never tried making nilaga with corned beef. Using the cured hashed meat as a replacement for beef shank, you cut down the usual tenderizing time and get extra flavor. Fans of Corned Beef Nilaga recommend chunky-style canned beef, but we think any style tastes just as amazing. 

4. Corned Beef Grilled Cheese

Sandwiches are a go-to school baon for many busy parents. These handheld snacks make it easy for your child to munch on something substantial, especially when they have a limited lunchtime. As a twist on the regular ham-and-cheese sandwich, we suggest a grilled cheese with crispy-fried corned beef. Seasoned with a few drops of Knorr Liquid Seasoning, the corned beef ups the umami and the protein content of this calcium-rich toastie.

5. Corned Beef Croquettes

Commonly shaped like balls or cylinders, croquettes are dumplings that are breaded and then deep-fried. If you’re in search of an inventive recipe, the corned beef croquette is sure to please. Take this Monggo Croquette recipe and replace the mungbean with corned beef. The result: a juicy breaded beef roll with incredible crunch. Perfect for merienda or party finger food, this is a dish both kids and adults will crave.

Corned beef may have started out as the quintessential emergency food, but today, this simple viand can be elevated in many ways. From taco fillings to a hearty soup, this easy-to-find (and super affordable) canned good should always be a staple in your pantry, along with your favorite seasoning! 

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