Several bowls of rice porridge topped with proteins, eggs, and veggies

10 Rice Porridge Ideas to Make Lugaw Exciting Again

A large bowl of lugaw topped with shiitake mushrooms
A simple serving of porridge flavored with shredded dried pork
Chicharon pieces topped over a large bowl of tasty lugaw
A bowl of seafood congee with squid, shrimp, and mushrooms
Chunky congee with halves of century eggs served on a round wicker tray
Roasted duck slices over a large serving of congee
Sticky stewed ham hocks in a bowl with a piece lifted using chopsticks
Bowl of congee topped with salted duck eggs, liquid seasoning, and scallions
A bowl of tofu and edamame soup next to a serving of porridge topped with edamame
A bowl of porridge flavored with kimchi and seaweed