A top view of a table full of Christmas dishes, including baked chicken, salad, roasted vegetables

10 Ways to Prep Noche Buena Food Ahead of Time

Sliced embutido with egg, raisins, and carrots served on a wooden board
Lumpiang shanghai served with sweet chili sauce on a banana leaf
Hard-shell tacos with ground beef, tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese, served in a basket
Sticks of pork barbecue served on a banana leaf
A bowl of macaroni salad with ham, cheese, and bell peppers
Baked spaghetti in a blue baking dish
Individual serving cups of crema de fruta topped with strawberries, lychees, kiwis, and oranges
Two glass containers filled with buko pandan
A cathedral window gelatin on a cake stand and two slices on small plates
A loaf of fruitcake served on a red plate with Christmas ornaments