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Garlic fried rice, sunny-side-up eggs, and sausages for breakfast

5 Silog Meals to Revive Your Breakfast

Make mornings more exciting by serving silog meals in new ways! It's hard to beat traditional combinations like tapsilog, longsilog, and cornsilog, but there's always room for innovation in the Pinoy kitchen. Looking to stretch your creative muscle for the most important meal of the day? Here are some ideas to start.

What Makes a Silog?

Sinigang fried rice on a plate with fried tilapia and ensalada in the background

A Filipino silog is a breakfast dish made with the following components: sinangag (garlic fried rice using leftovers) and itlog (egg cooked any way the diner likes, usually sunny-side up or scrambled). This base comes with a protein, typically cured and fried, to round out the meal. For example, if you serve tapa with your silog, it becomes tapsilog. When you say chicksilog recipe, you make fried chicken and serve it with fried rice and eggs.

There are numerous combinations to try when making silogs at home! You can even prepare different kinds of fried rice or come up with exciting ways to prepare your egg (poached, maybe?). Here are some examples if you’re looking to go past the traditional.

New Silog Meal Combinations to Try

Salsilog: inihaw na salmon + sinigang fried rice + salted egg

Grilled salmon fillet topped with peppercorns, chopped herbs, and lemon slices on brown parchment paper

Inihaw na salmon paired with sinigang fried rice will be reminiscent of the classic salmon sinigang. To make the salmon marinade, mix tangy calamansi juice, crushed black pepper, and Knorr Liquid Seasoning. Marinate for 10 minutes before cooking on a charcoal grill or a stove-top grill pan. To make the sinigang fried rice, sprinkle one or two teaspoons of Knorr Sinigang sa Sampalok Mix over cooked rice to give it an extra sour, flavorful kick. Top with salted egg and dig in!

Bexsilog: crispy Bicol express + sinangag + scrambled egg

Crispy Bicol express with a brown sauce, topped with sliced chilies on a black spoon

Did you know that you can make crispy Bicol express in 30 minutes or less? Use Knorr Ginataang Gulay Mix to get that flavor in no time! Pair this crispy, savory, rich, and spicy ulam with a classic sinangag. To make your garlic fried rice extra flavorful, you can toss a chicken bouillon cube into your wok and break it up into your rice while mixing. Pair with simple scrambled eggs for a comforting silog meal.

Crafsilog: crispy adobo flakes + aligue rice + sunny-side-up egg

Chicken adobo with bay leaves and black peppercorns in a bowl

Got any leftover pork or chicken adobo? Use a fork to turn them into flakes or floss, and fry over high heat until crunchy. Pair chicken adobo flakes with rich aligue rice made with local crab fat and coconut milk. Top with a sunny-side-up egg for good measure. Don’t forget the runny yolk!

Korsilog: Korean fried chicken + kimchi fried rice + soft-boiled egg

Korean fried chicken wings with a dark glaze garnished with green onions on a plate

Why not try a Korean twist when making a silog meal? Make a Korean-style fried chicken glaze with fish sauce, ginger, honey, Knorr Liquid Seasoning, and Knorr Sinigang Mix na may Miso. Pair this ulam with kimchi fried rice, made with lots of garlic, onions, and chilies for a spicy kick! Finally, a soft-boiled egg brings all these big flavors together.

Tofsilog: tofu sisig + tinapa fried rice + sunny-side-up egg

Tofu sisig topped with mayonnaise and chopped red onions with calamansi on the side

Calling all vegetarians: there are also many delicious ways to make a meat-free silog. Try a crunchy tofu sisig flavored with creamy mayonnaise, garlic, different kinds of chilies, and liquid seasoning. Create a tinapa fried rice with fried smoked fish, carrots, green peas, and a crushed chicken cube. Top with a fried egg to cut through all the savory flavors.

Let these exciting silog meals breathe new life into your breakfasts, brunches, and even dinners with the family. There will always be exciting ways to prepare classic Filipino dishes at home. Experiment more in the kitchen and surprise your loved ones with other fun combinations.

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