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Creamy Mushroom Soup served in a green ramekin with bits of vegetables in it

5 Cream of Mushroom Soup Secrets from Chefs

Bring your Cream of Mushroom Soup game up! Use these preparation and cooking tips to make a warm dish fit for a rainy day. 

Nothing beats the classics: a comfortable, nurturing Cream of Mushroom Soup will always have a place at the dinner table. A family favorite that’s also popular among children, Mushroom Soup can be prepared in many ways, whether adding ingredients or tips on making big batches to feed a crowd. We rounded up tips and tricks to making delicious Mushroom Soup in the comfort of your home–plus some helpful advice from chefs!

It can be hard to feel energetic while facing strong winds, rain, and thunder, but brace yourself! You’ll be surprised by how much your mood can be lifted with a delicious, fulfilling breakfast. We present you breakfast ideas that don’t take long to make and taste good with a cup of joe for the adults or a cup of milk for the kiddos.

Step 1: Use Equal Parts Milk and Cream

Chef Mark Franz for Forbes writes about balance when it comes to his favorite soup recipe. “Using equal parts cream and milk in the base keeps it from being too rich.” He also recommends serving savory soups with large chunks of crusty bread for good measure.

Step 2: Add Extra Mushrooms, Veggies, or Protein 

Want to add a touch of texture to your Mushroom Soup? Start with softening aromatics like onion, leeks, and garlic with herbs like thyme or dried parsley. To make your soup more chunky, add freshly chopped white or brown button mushrooms and quickly sauté. Add them to your soup mixture, and let chunks of veggies like potatoes, carrots, and protein like chicken breast simmer softly over the stove. 

Step 3: Save Time with Premix Mushroom Soup

You can use home-style ready-to-cook soup mixes like Knorr Cream of Mushroom Soup to cut your cooking time by minutes or hours. Bring 1 liter of water to a boil over a stove, then add 1 pack of soup mix and bring it down to a simmer. Watch it come together in 5 minutes! Made with real mushrooms and locally-sourced ingredients, this soup mix will quickly bag a deserving spot in your pantry. 

Step 4: Taste and Season as You Go. 

It helps to control the salt ratio of your soup when you season as you go. The last thing you want to end up with is soup too salty to sip! Add a pinch to your aromatics and proteins when you sauté before adding or creating your broth. Taste and, if needed, season one more time when you feel like your soup is ready to serve. Remember that little to no extra salt is needed if you are using a soup mix like Knorr Cream of Mushroom Soup – these are often already full of flavor, despite there being no artificial flavors or enhancers added.

Step 5: Top with Fresh Herbs, Cream, or Yogurt. 

Use fresh garnishes or toppings like chopped cilantro or parsley, fresh cream or yogurt, or cracked black pepper to cut through your soup's complex, deep flavors and provide a refreshing element to every spoonful.

Now, you can cook your Cream of Mushroom Soup at home whenever your stomach demands it. The warm and thick soup is also perfect for a rainy day. Even better, you can put whatever ingredients you have in your pantry for a yummy bowl of Mushroom Soup, such as celery, corn, spam, or leftover chicken. Try out our Chicken Mushroom Soup Recipe for starters, then serve it with Salisbury Steak and Barbecue Pasta Salad to complete your restaurant-style dinner at home!

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