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A happy girl prepares to eat a plate of vegetables

5 Healthy Options for Your Child’s Baon

Healthy meals are important for your child to have

When it comes to food, the term “healthy options” usually makes parents happy and kids worried. After all, healthy and yummy are usually seen as mutually exclusive, meaning that you can have one or the other, and never both. But is this really true? After all, there are quite a few baon-friendly (and wallet-friendly) dishes that are good for the body and the taste buds too. Plus, it’s an easy way to get kids to eat better too.

Creamy Potato Salad

A serving of potato salad sits on a plate

Creamy potato salad is both delicious and healthy

Are potatoes healthy? They absolutely can be. After all, they have a lot of carbohydrates, which provide energy for being active. They’re also a good source of fiber and have many antioxidants, among other advantages. Plus, they taste good (even when they aren’t turned into French fries).

That’s why a Creamy Potato Salad is a good baon option for your kids. You can even amp up the healthiness without being too obvious by using yogurt instead of mayo. It’ll turn out every bit as delicious as the original, or perhaps even more so.

Want to add flavor to your potatoes? Boil them in water mixed with a Knorr Chicken Cube! You just need a little to add a lot of taste.

Pasta Salad

A bowl of colorful pasta salad lies on a table

Pasta salad can add some color and flavor to your kid’s baon

Kids tend to love pasta, and you can use this to your advantage by putting in some colorful and flavorful vegetables to add that healthy kick. Just make sure to chop them into smaller pieces so they aren’t hard to eat (and increase the chance that they won’t immediately be turned down just because they’re veggies).

To add appeal to this healthy baon, pick fun and unusual shapes that can be easy for little hands to pick up with a fork or spoon. Among the good options are bow tie and spiral pasta, and you might be able to find more unusual shapes in the imported section of larger supermarkets.

You can level up your pasta by adding a Knorr Chicken Cube to the water you boil it in. Depending on how much pasta you’ll be cooking, you may not even need to use one whole cube, because a little can go a long way. As for the Pasta Salad toppings, you can choose chicken that contains high protein.

Ramen Salad

A large pot full of ramen salad is mixed on a table

Ramen salad is a nonstandard but healthy baon option

Got a kid who likes interesting textures in their baon? A Ramen Salad could be a great baon option! Ramen noodles aside, it can have different kinds of vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, and green onions.

Give a burst of flavor by mixing some vegetable or olive oil, white vinegar, sugar, and pepper. If you’d like to add some protein to this dish, you can prepare some Grilled Chicken to top it with.

You can make the chicken even better by marinating it for a while to really bring out its taste. For best results, you can even dissolve a Knorr Chicken Cube in the marinade. You probably won’t need an entire cube, because it’s packed with a lot of flavors. The marinade can even be brushed over the chicken while you grill it.

Pancit Puti

A large serving of pancit puti lies on a blue plate

Pancit puti is easy to make and satisfying for your kid to eat

Pancit Puti is an easy but still healthy option for your kid’s baon, and one that can be enjoyed if you make it right. You won’t be using soy sauce for this fried noodle dish because the flavor will come mostly from the chicken stock you use.

Since that stock is so important, make sure that you use a Knorr Chicken Cube to make it. That way, your kid will be having something intensely delicious.

Don’t forget to top the pancit with your choice of vegetables. If your kid isn’t fond of raw veggies, you can choose those you can steam or fry with the noodles, like carrots and pechay. Adding some chicken meat is another option for this delicious baon-friendly dish.

Fruit Salad with Pudding

A plateful of fruit salad is topped with cherries

Fruit salad is a healthy dessert that your kids will enjoy

Dessert is perhaps the best part of the meal for adults and kids alike. Keep it healthy by using a bunch of delicious fruit, which is packed with vitamins. You can choose pretty much whatever you have available, although you should probably stay away from those which get mushy or disintegrate easily, like watermelons.

The pudding will bring the whole thing together, so you need to use the good stuff. Just follow the instructions on the box, and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Once you’ve mixed the fruit with the pudding, make sure to allow it to set in the fridge first. If you’re pressed for time, you can place it in the lunchbox right away, but it would be better if you made it the night before so the pudding can fully coat the fruit.

Delicious and Nutritious Options

These are 5 of your healthy options for delicious, quick, and easy-to-make baon dishes for your kids. Remember that you can tweak each recipe to match their food preferences, so substitutions are perfectly fine.

If you’d like to be sure that your kid enjoys their baon, you can try preparing these dishes for your Sunday lunch together. They might even become some of your family’s healthy favorites. So, are you ready to start cooking?

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