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Strawberries, kiwis, lemons and orange slices on a wooden board

7 Fruits Rich in Vitamin C to Include on Your Grocery List

Are you looking for ways to boost your health without exceeding your budget? You’ll be glad to know that you can keep stock of many fruits rich in vitamin C at home. They’re more cost-efficient than purchasing supplements, and you can prepare them in many ways. The best part? You’ll be helping your immune system power up naturally.

Ready to learn what these fruits are and what you can do with them? Keep reading to find out!

1. Citrus

A plate of sliced and wedged citrus fruits

The citrus family is full of vitamin C fruits. And in the Philippines, you are spoiled for choice! There are numerous varieties of oranges and limes. Then, there are lemons and the ubiquitous calamansi. You can consume these on their own or turn them into juices and shakes. For ulam, you can make beef and orange stir-fry or lemon chicken.

If you’re not a fan of their acidity, you can combine them with other milder ingredients. For example, you can make a smoothie out of lemons, bananas, vanilla extract, low-fat milk, and some honey.

P.S. Don’t throw their peels right away. They’re rich in vitamin C, too!

2. Pineapple

Whole and sliced pineapples on a wooden table

Pineapple is another fruit rich in vitamin C. Have you tried enjoying a few slices cold and simply dipped in salt? Magnificent! But if you want a new way to prepare them, use them in your graham cake. Just combine crushed pineapples with all-purpose cream and cream cheese, then layer this mixture between crushed graham. No need to bake this – just let it set in your fridge until ready to serve.

Are you looking for a savory option? You can combine pineapples with cucumbers, red onions, and bell peppers for a refreshing slaw. Dress with a mix of olive oil, vinegar, lime juice, and honey. Pair with grilled, roasted, or deep-fried dishes.

3. Mango

A sliced mango beside a bowl of mango salad

Who can resist ripe, fresh-from-the-market Philippine mangoes? While they may be known for their distinct sweetness, they also offer a reliable dose of vitamin C.

Besides eating mangoes straight with a spoon (or your hands!), you can also use them in any sweet or savory salad. Try this: sprinkle cubes over a bed of greens, top with crumbled cheese, and drizzle with a fruit vinaigrette. Super easy! Or you can also add them to your favorite Pinoy ulam. Toss in a few slices next time you cook chicken adobo!

4. Strawberry

Whole strawberries beside a mason jar full of strawberry-chia pudding

Strawberries are amazing eaten just as they are! But they’re also versatile enough for various culinary applications. Save the whipped cream for next time and try this: freeze the strawberries, then toss them with coconut milk, chia seeds, and vanilla extract. This chia pudding can be a full meal, especially when you want something satisfying but still light.

Pro tip: add strawberries next time you make sinigang! Simply toss a few slices in your broth made with Knorr Sinigang sa Sampalok Mix – that sweet-sour combo will be a hit.

5. Guava

Whole and halved guavas on brown linen

Guava is one of the healthiest fruits you can find. And in the Philippines, they grow abundant everywhere. If your neighbors grow some in their backyard, you can just ask for a couple of pieces for these recipes.

Have you ever had guava dip? You can make it by mashing the flesh into a paste and mixing it with some water. Combine with cream cheese, sour cream, honey, garlic, and salt. This goes well with nearly anything! Don’t hesitate to add guavas to salads, too. Try them in a bowl with greens, cucumbers, apples, and cottage cheese. Winner!

6. Kiwi

A bowl full of whole, halved, and sliced kiwis

Kiwis aren’t typical Pinoy market produce, but they take their much-deserved spot in this list of fruits rich in vitamin C. Next time you see them in your neighborhood supermarket, grab some and eat them fresh or use them in recipes.

The fruit has an interesting flavor profile of tart, sweet, and sour. Try adding a few slices to your bowl of cereal. They’re the kind of green ingredient your kids will love eating! You can also turn kiwis into a tasty dip for your chips. Mix them with mashed avocados, cilantro, scallions, garlic, onions, salt, and pepper for a unique guacamole. Don’t forget to add a squeeze of lime for an extra dose of vitamin C.

7. Papaya

Sliced papayas beside a tall glass of papaya smoothie

Papayas are among the fruits that can boost the immune system. Filipinos love them, whether on their own or chilled and drizzled with calamansi sugar. But like many other fruits on this list, papayas also go well in smoothies. Combine them with bananas, yogurt, and some fresh milk. Blend until thick and creamy! Want something heartier? Combine papaya with shredded roast chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, feta cheese, greens, and quinoa to make a grain salad.

Fresh fruits rich in vitamin C are one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to boost your immune system. Just remember that heat can make this vitamin break down. Whenever possible, consume your fruits raw to maximize their benefits. But also, don’t hesitate to cook with them, especially when they’re almost past their prime. Ready to go fruit shopping?

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