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Nutri-Sarap Stories of Success

Mga Kwento Para sa Isang Malusog na Bukas!

Kwentong Talino
ni Teacher Fe

Teacher Fe Matullano-Lustanas

Founder, Education Under the Bridge
Laki sa Tinola, Laki sa Knorr

There was a time when Teacher Fe, the Founder of Education Under the Bridge (EUB), thought twice about being an educator. It was her mother that pushed her to pursue a career in the academe, a “simple request,” she says, that she fulfilled when she graduated college in 1990 with a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. Her secret to success? A positive attitude and comforting bowl of Chicken Tinola, a soup dish that she grew up eating.

The “simple request” turned out to be the starting point of a life full of learning, for herself and all the children involved. Her initiative, together with her husband, continuously helps of out of school youths and impoverished toddlers learn even without formal education. The curriculum is largely based on the Department of Education’s K-12 program.

As a mother to many of her students, she inspires them to reach for their dreams and continue pushing for education despite all the struggles. Teacher Fe not only imparts learning from the books, but also how Nutri-Sarap meals can pave the way for a ‘Malusog na Bukas.

Teacher Fe is a multi-awarded educator and is the recipient of the Gawad Geny Lopez Jr. Bayaning Pilipinong Guro in 2012, the Bayaning Pilipinong Guro 2012, and more. In April 2013, she set up the Kabayani Community Training Center, a parents' education program in San Dionisio Paranaque City.

Chicken Tinola

Learn how to cook Teacher Fe's favorite dish!

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