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Nutri-Sarap Stories of Success

Mga Kwento Para sa Isang Malusog na Bukas!

Kwentong Ligaya
ni Pokwang

Pokwang’s life wasn’t always full of the bright energy and joyful humor we see on TV. In fact, it was difficult to say the least. As one of eleven children in a humble household, she quickly learned that she needed to work hard to stay afloat and made sure she followed her parents’ advice.

Before she dived into comedy, Pokwang lived life using her birth name Marietta Subong. When her father lost his job, some of the children had to work together to make ends meet, while the other had to stop school. She took her chances abroad, where she worked as a domestic helper in Japan and Abu Dhabi. But after some family complications, she decided to stay home and take care of her daughter.

Even as her family struggled, Pokwang never forgot to find joy in simple things. She tells the story of her father’s Spaghetti that they shared every Christmas. With the help of Knorr, her parents made sure that their children were healthy and well-fed even when life was against them.

Today, even as a busy and successful actress, she still never forgets the welfare of her children. Still every Christmas, she brings her father’s nutritious spaghetti recipe, now made even more Nutri-Sarap with Knorr.

 Meaty Spaghetti

Learn how to cook Pokwang's favorite dish!

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