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Nutri-Sarap Stories of Success

Mga Kwento Para sa Isang Malusog na Bukas!

Kwentong Gilas
ni Marc Pingris

Marc Pingris

Philippine Basketball Superstar
Laki sa Bulanglang, Laki sa Knorr

PBA Basketball Legend Marc Pingris grew up just like us—watching the same weekday afterschool animé, playing barangay basketball with his friends on the street, and wolfing down all the food that his mom sets on the table. But unlike most of us, he could only enjoy everything after helping his mom sell vegetables in the wet market.

In his childhood years, Marc would go to school, then help his mom, often dreaming about becoming a successful basketball player someday. And so, he practiced everything he learned from his idols, fantasy and real alike, every day. 

Before practice, he would ask his mother to cook him something light, but energy-boosting. That’s how his love for Bulanglang, a dish made using a variety of vegetables and fish paste, started.

Now dubbed as the “Pinoy Sakuragi,” a moniker inspired by his cartoon idol, Marc Pingris attributes his success not only from the times he persevered in the basketball court, but also from the love and care of his mother, who fed him nutritious meals.

Marc is now married to Danica Sotto-Pingris and has kids of his own. Just like his mother, he would feed his children with nutritious and well-loved Bulanglang, and teach them the importance of hard work.

Together with Knorr, Marc advocates for children to have a healthy future through Nutri-Sarap meals.

Nutri-Sarap Bulanglang

Learn how to cook Marc Pingris' favorite dish!

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