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Nutri-Sarap Stories of Success

Mga Kwento Para sa Isang Malusog na Bukas!

Kwentong Galing
ni Doc Otit

Dr. Joeffrey "Otit" Mambucon

First Lumad to graduate with a double degree
Laki sa Ginataang Gulay, Laki sa Knorr

Being the first Tigwahanon-Manobo double degree graduate did not come easy for Dr. Joeffrey “Otit” Mambucon. But with passion and nutrition, he became not only a Registered Nurse, but also a Doctor of Medicine—the pride of the Lumad tribe.

As a child, Doc Otit had to persist through bullying, and a series of movements. His family had to travel to different places to look for work and even lived in the mountains of Molinga, Nakabucladin, San Fernando where they had no neighbors. During the rainy season, he had to ask his professors if he could come home early to avoid floods in the three rivers he and his siblings traversed.

Even then, Doc Otit’s drive led him to find solutions for the family. He looked after his siblings by catching fish in the river and foraging for Pako (fern) and Gabi leaves to turn into a delicious and nutritious meal: Ginataang Gulay. The same meal, he says, is what gave him enough energy to overcome his everyday struggles and power through his dreams and aspirations in life.

Together with Knorr, Doc Otit continues to inspire young children to live healthy, eat Nutri-Sarap, and live a life pursuing their dreams no matter the background.

Ginataang Gulay

Learn how to cook Doc Otit's favorite dish!

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