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combating malnutrition

What is the Knorr Lutong Nanay Nutrition Program?

The Knorr Lutong Nanay Nutrition Program combats malnutrition in 3 ways.

Feedings Kids

Participating communities receive a 120-day supplementary feeding program. We ensure that special attention is given to undernourished* children*.

*Wasted and Underweight

Empowering moms

We teach moms about the Food Pyramid, how to keep a budget for nutritious meals, how to choose healthy ingredients, and how to maintain healthy eating habits.

Making a difference

We provide a cookbook that contains recipes to cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 21 days, giving mothers plenty of ways to sustain the good habit of preparing nutritious meals for their children.

Through this initiative, and the with help of our local government units and partners, we have helped undernourished children attain their ideal weight, and aided mothers in serving nutritious yet delicious food at home.

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