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Feed the Voters

No family should go hungry or unheard.

Feed the Vote

Nutritious meals should be a right for everyone in America. And voting is one of the most powerful ways to support that right. This election season, join KNORR and UnidosUS as we register voters, offer families free meals, and make sure access to nutritious food is an issue this election season.

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Feed the Vote

Resources to Support Access to Nutritious Meals


Current government
food programs:

What every candidate should
know about hunger:

Advocate for food security:
Feeding America


Our Mission

Knorr believes nutritious meals should be a right for everyone in America—not a privilege for some.

While food pantries have always been on the front line of fighting hunger, there’s a more effective place to make change: the ballot box.

Tragically, the very communities that experience food insecurity are also chronically under-registered.

To make matters worse, the pandemic has pushed many who’ve never faced food insecurity right into it. Millions have lost their jobs. No job means no food. No food means no security.

We refuse to see families go hungry and unheard.

That’s why this election season KNORR is calling on us all to help #FEEDTHEVOTE.

We’re partnered with UnidosUS and Feeding America to offer families free, healthy meals and the opportunity to register to vote.

Already registered? Good. Let’s make sure access to nutritious food is an issue this election season.

Because in a country blessed with amber waves of grain, access to voting should never get in the way of anyone's right to eat.


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