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Our Experts

Knorr has a team of experts who share a passion for good, wholesome food and for educating others on how to enhance their time in the kitchen

Chef Chris Bilyk

Corporate Chef, Research and Development, Unilever North America 

6 years     

Knorr Selects Pasta and Rice not only make a great addition to any meal but by adding lean proteins and fresh veggies it’s the start of a great one pot dinner for your family.

Don’t worry about blending all your herbs and spices, season your meats with Knorr Bouillon for amazing flavor.

It means leading our team to help create amazing products and recipes that make people’s lives and the planet better.  

Gina Ruskie

Nutrition & Health Manager

11 years

Knorr Selects White Cheddar Broccoli with Cavatappi Pasta because I love curly pastas and, even better, it’s whole wheat!

I love to add as many veggies as possible in the dishes I create. Not only do veggies provide positive nutrition, but they can add volume to your meal and help you feel fuller for longer.

My purpose is to help people improve their health and wellbeing one meal at a time. I love having an impact on the products that end up on grocery store shelves and educating consumers on how to use those items in delicious and nutritious recipes.

Jenna Dowd

Mark Brand

Social Impact Entrepreneur/Chef/Professor/Advocate

2019 to Present - Advisor/Collaborator/Community Builder

Three Cheese Risotto – Selects. It's the perfect example of the direction Knorr is moving in and why I'm involved with the company. Simple and domestically sourced ingredients, free of MSG and chemicals, and delicious.

Less is more. Focus on what you're using, not what you're going to do to it. Look for products in their growing season and let them shine!

Purpose is the reason for everything. Finding yours will drive you beyond the possible and keep you centered in the most difficult times. We all need a purpose, when we can align ours with passion and community we're unstoppable.

Malena Perdomo

Registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator, Colorado dietitian, nutrition consultant and part-time professor of nutrition.

I have been a dietitian for over 20 years.

One of my favorite Knorr products is the Knorr® Selects Granulated Vegetable Bouillon. I also enjoy the Knorr® Selects Rice variants because they are so quick and easy to prepare for dinner. One of my favorite recipes I’ve created using the Knorr® Selects Rustic Mexican Rice & Beans is my Cinco de Mayo Salad. Once the rice was cooked, I added kale, roasted garbanzos, tomatoes, jicama (which is a crunchy fruit), walnuts and minced jalapeños. It is so delicious!

You only need just a spoonful of bouillon to make your meals pop!

I run a nutrition business where I help people eat healthy to improve their overall health. My clients are mostly Hispanic, and I enjoy teaching them about our Latin foods and how it is possible to preserve our cultural foods while benefitting their health. My purpose is to teach my clients that healthy eating shouldn’t be complicated!