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Encouraging Sustainability

Eating Sustainably

Everything we do is dedicated to making better tasting food, and that includes growing our ingredients sustainably. It’s not only good for the planet, but we believe you can taste the difference in every dish you cook.

Knorr initiatives: Farm to fork

Cooking sustainably

This is where the hard work comes together. We believe it leads to rich flavours, sweet vegetables, feel good food all round. Our chefs work closely with Knorr farmers to make sure their love for growing great food makes a real difference in Knorr products and in the meals you cook with them.

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knorr organic

Knorr Organic

With our sustainability activities in farming, transport and handling, Knorr is also committed to improve production methods in ways that are beneficial for our life, food and planet. Learn more about our Knorr Organic range.


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