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Encouraging Sustainability

Eating Sustainably

Everything we do is dedicated to making better tasting food, and that includes growing our ingredients sustainably. It’s not only good for the planet, but we believe you can taste the difference in every dish you cook.

Cooking sustainably

This is where the hard work comes together. We believe it leads to rich flavours, sweet vegetables, feel good food all round. Our chefs work closely with Knorr farmers to make sure their love for growing great food makes a real difference in Knorr products and in the meals you cook with them.

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It takes a lot of love and dedication to become a Knorr Landmark Farmer. It’s our club of the very best pioneers of sustainable farming. They go beyond the basics to chase more innovative sustainable methods.

They’re pioneers like our pea farmers in Belgium who are using the latest technology to reduce how much fuel their tractors use, or our pumpkin farmers in Austria who swap and share land between different farmers so that they can do crop rotation. We now have over 30 Landmark Farmers around the world to be thankful for. Their invention and imagination are an inspiration to other growers as they too look to find new ways to care for the land and improve flavour.

Knorr landmark farming
Bee hotel

Sustainable farmers have to wear a lot of different hats: scientist, chef, mechanic, and sometimes, concierge. Making local wildlife feel at home on a farm helps pest control, pollination, compost, as well as simply making the farm a more enjoyable place to be. Here are just some of the things Knorr farmers do for our feathered, scaly, and slimy friends.

Carousel Sustainability

Building bee hotels between crops to help pollination.

Every year, around 70% of the world’s total surface water is used for farming. Not only is that a huge amount, but unpredictable weather from our changing climate can make supply unreliable, so it’s more important than ever to find new ways to save water. Luckily, our Knorr Landmark Farmers have a few tricks up their sleeves.

Farmers know that how much you water a crop can actually have a big effect on its final taste, so they’re careful not to under or over-water. To get it exactly right, many of farmers now use meters to measure how much water is already in the soil and how much more it needs. One of our oregano farmers in Turkey even managed to double his yields by reducing the amount of water used, so farming with care can have great benefits.


of the world's total surface water is used for farming

Knorr farmers have developed smart ways to get the most out of every drop. Like drip irrigation, which gives plants just the right amount of water they need for healthy, tasty vegetables. This technology was actually first developed in the deserts of Israel where farmers had to be particularly careful about treasuring every last drop.

Knorr Sustainable Agriculture Manager, Andrea Granier, believes watering is crucial to the eventual taste;

“We judge our vegetables first and foremost by their flavour, so we water them to be at their sweetest come harvest time. Our tomatoes aren’t watered for about a week before they’re picked, and are all the sweeter for it. Also, the less water in the harvested crop, the quicker they dry, so it has great benefits all round.”

We judge our vegetables first and foremost by their flavour, so we water them to be at their sweetest come harvest time.

We’re passionate about recycling too, re-using water wherever possible. Our Goed Te Schellebrouck pea farm in Belgium filters wastewater through natural material like soil, straw, coconut chips and compost – and manages to get 99% purification by doing so while the team at our Landmark farm in Badajoz, Spain wash tomatoes in water that gets re-used three times.

knorr organic

Knorr Organic

With our sustainability activities in farming, transport and handling, Knorr is also committed to improve production methods in ways that are beneficial for our life, food and planet. Learn more about our Knorr Organic range.

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