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Special diets

Special diets

Discover how enjoyable it can be to rustle up vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes with our easy recipes.

Our favourite recipes

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  • Cucumber salad with pomegranates and feta cheese
    Discover recipes for vegetarians
    Meat-free meals

    Vibrant, tasty and packed full of delicious flavour, we can’t get enough of these meat-free delights.

  • Couscous salad with roasted peppers and courgettes
    Discover recipes for vegans
    Vegan dishes

    Fresh and flavoursome, vegan meals can be a tasty and filling alternative. Impressively delicious and free from animal products, let us inspire you.

  • Gluten-free asparagus risotto
    Discover gluten-free recipes
    Gluten-free goodness

    Completely grain and wheat-free, our gluten-free recipes are the perfect source of inspiration.

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  • Spaghetti bolognese with grated parmesan
    Natural and delicious
    Naturally Tasty
  • Chicken and mushroom risotto
    Stir-in sensations
    Stock Pots
  • Sticky barbecue ribs with spicy chilli
    Treat your tastebuds
    Flavour Pots
  • Roast beef dinner with knorr rich beef gravy
    Gravy Pots
  • Roast turkey breast slices with prosciutto and cranberry sauce
    A family favourite
    Free From Gravy
  • Chicken casserole
    Organic Stock Powders
  • Couscous salad with roasted peppers and courgettes
    Less salt, more flavour
    Reduced Salt
  • Vegan parsnip soup with coconut milk, ginger and red chillies
    Boost every bite
    Stock Cubes
  • Minestrone soup with fresh vegetables
    Quick comfort food
  • Spaghetti carbonara with Parmesan cheese and parsely
    Packed full of flavour
    Touch of Taste
  • eggs florentine with spinach, poached eggs and hollandiase sauce
    A little bit extra
  • Parmesan risotto
    Gluten-free goodness
    Gluten-Free Risotto