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Chicken tikka masala

A taste of India

Packed full of fragrant spices, Indian cuisine has so much to offer from curries to tandoori to much more.

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    • Leftover Turkey Curry

      Try this quick and easy recipe if you need to use up your leftover turkey after Christmas!

    • Lentil Dhal Masala with Tomato and Spinach

      Nourishing spinach is added to this Lentil Dhal Masala to create a comforting and warming meal for all, with a slight kick.

    • Potato and Pea Curry

      Cheat on Meat with this hearty Potato and Pea Curry, the perfect veggie alternative!

    • Chickpea Aloo Curry

      A hearty, healthy bowl of chickpeas brought to life with curry spices, tomatoes and Knorr Rich Vegetable Liquid Seasoning.

    • Roasted Cauliflower Korma

      The nutty, slightly sweet flavour of cauliflower partners beautifully with a mildly spicy korma sauce in this dish.

    • Indian-Chinese Chilli Chicken

      A rich, silky mixture of soy sauce, spring onion, sesame and chicken, with chillies bringing the heat. An intriguing collision of Indian and Chinese flavours.

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