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Our Commitment

Our Big Ambition

At the heart of Knorr lies 3 core sustainability commitments. So you can be rest assured that, every time you buy one of our products, you’re supporting a better food future for people and the planet.

We’ve got a big global ambition that involves reaching almost two-thirds of the world’s population in less than 5 years. It’s no small challenge – but we believe it’s time for businesses to think big, for the sake of our planet and for generations to come.

In the UK we are helping this ambition but supporting Britain to Cheat on Meat & eat Meat Free meals more often. Did you know eating just meat free once a week can make a BIG impact. 

For more information see our Cheat on Meat Calculator.


More Plants

By 2025, 25% of our products will contain one of the Future 50 Foods as a key ingredient. These foods will help improve global biodiversity, improve nutrition and support our planet’s future for generations to come. 

If you haven’t heard about the Future 50 Foods yet, then it’s time to get involved. The Future 50 Foods report, published by Knorr®  in partnership with WWF (World Wildlife Fund) plus leading scientists, nutritionists and agricultural experts, is a carefully curated list of sustainable food sources

"Diversified diets not only improve human health but benefit the environment through diversified production systems that encourage wildlife and more sustainable use of resources"

Peter Gregory, Research Advisor, Crops For the Future

Eating F50 foods doesn’t have to be difficult, it can be as simple as adding Spinach into your diet, or swapping White Potatoes for Sweet Potatoes or Lettuce for Watercress. It can also be switching your garnishes for sesame seeds or walnuts. Don’t worry our Cheat on Meat recipes already help you make these choices so take a look. 

Lentil bolognese

Less Meat

50% of our turnover will come from plant-based dishes by 2025.

That means our products, made using sustainable, plant-based ingredients, will be helping chefs all over the world to deliver more flavourful meat-free meals

Sweet Potato & Bean Chilli

100% Sustainably Sourced Veg, Herbs & Grains 

Every vegetable, herb, grain and the top 5 spices that go into making our products will be 100% sustainably sourced by 2025. 

To help us achieve this, we've created the Knorr Sustainability Partnership, which aims to establish even closer relationships with our farmers and supports them to accelerate the implementation of sustainable agricultural practices. 

Look at our packaging for more information.

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Tractor in a farm

Sustainable Sourcing

How We’re Working Towards 100% Sustainable Sourcing

At Knorr® we benefit from being part of Unilever; a global leader in the promotion of sustainable sourcing and practices. Through two key Unilever initiatives, the Sustainable Agricultural Code and the Knorr® Sustainability Partnership Fund, we’re able to procure our raw ingredients fairly and sustainably whilst helping farmers to optimise their practices.

We believe that making sustainability commonplace is key to securing the future of the industry. It might sound cliché, but as an industry we talk a lot about sustainability. But are we actually turning enough of this talk into action?

Whilst the global population – and with it the food industry – is growing steadily, so is the demand for agricultural raw materials. In order to be able to ensure supply for the future, we must endeavour to permanently procure sustainable raw materials.

Roasted Tomatoes and Garlic

What Is The Unilever Sustainable Agricultural Code (SAC)?

The SAC sets the standards for what Unilever believes to be sustainable agriculture. 

Our ingredients are sustainably grown when the farmers growing them meet the SAC. This means that they are farmed in a way that looks after the soil, protects local wildlife, and reduces water and pesticide use.

The SAC has been developed together with farmers and sustainability experts and is independently endorsed by industry experts. 

How Does It Work?

The Code defines what sustainable sourcing means in practice, using 11 social, economic and environmental indicators: soil health, soil loss, nutrients, pest management, biodiversity, farm economics, energy, water, social and human capital, local economy and animal welfare.

Sustainably grown tomatoes

What is the Knorr® Sustainability Partnership Fund?

We understand that sustainable sourcing is a journey of continuous improvement that involves multiple players along the value chain. That's why we are proud to support our suppliers and farmers through the Knorr® Sustainability Partnership Fund.

The aim of the fund is to support suppliers and farmers on complex sustainable agriculture projects. These include improving soil health, water use and biodiversity - projects which farmers may be unable to tackle alone.

How does it work?

Each year we will co-invest €1 million with our suppliers and farmers in knowledge and equipment to accelerate the implementation of sustainable practices.

Knorr® will invest 50% of any agreed project budget, matched by an equivalent investment from the supplier and/or grower.

Priority is given to certain projects, for example whether they bring new knowledge to the industry, bring suppliers together in a region to tackle a specific issue, or deliver a positive return on investment for all stakeholders.

Since the fund was set up in 2011, we have funded 140 projects and engaged 50 suppliers.


Tractor in a farm

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