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Zero Salt Rich Flavour

Recommended by Netmums

Zero Salt Rich Flavour made with herbs & spices - Recommended by Netmums

For the second year Knorr and Netmums have come together to celebrate the launch of the first ever Zero Salt stock cubes, bringing flavour to family dinner tables across the country - you decide if and how much salt to add to your cooking.

And we’re delighted our all-new Zero Salt stock cubes - available in Vegan friendly Vegetable, Beef sourced from responsible farms and free range Chicken - have been awarded the prestigious Netmums Recommended Accreditation. 

A panel of mums and dads tested our stock cubes in their family meals, along with the harshest of critics … their kids. And we’re happy to say they were a hit, with 93% saying they'd recommend them to friends and family.

Get the low-down on low salt

You probably already know that too much salt in your diet can cause health problems, including raised blood pressure.

With adults eating on average 40% more salt above the National guideline anything you can do to reduce your intake is a good thing. 

Along with Netmums, we’re here to help you on your low-salt mission.

Head on over to Netmums for clever ways to reduce your family’s salt intake. Plus, you’ll find loads of inspiration for scrumptious (and Zero Salt!) family meals.

Who are Netmums?

Netmums has been trusted by mums and dads across the UK for over 20 years and supports parents in every aspect of family life. From home schooling and activity ideas through to recipes, chat and mental health support, they know the challenges parents face and are by their side, every step of the way.

Netmums also has a daily online Drop In Clinic where parents can speak to experts about everything from pregnancy to family finances. Meanwhile their unique Parent Supporter Service is staffed by nurses, health visitors and other experts, helping parents with whatever challenge they are facing.

This ongoing support means they have a loyal audience: the Netmums website has over three million users and more than 1.6million followers on social media.

What else did the Netmums testers say about Knorr Zero Salt stock cubes?

We don’t like to blow our own trumpet but, well, here goes …

“They were healthier than the stock cubes I normally use but tasted just as good.”

“I feel a bit guilty adding salt for flavour in dishes for the kids. with those I didn't need to.”

“I don’t like using salt when cooking for my young children… this is a great way to add a greater depth of flavour to food and the whole family liked it.”

"Really tasty easy to use suitable for a lot of meals”

"These stock cubes really worked to enhance the flavour of the dish but without adding extra salt or MSG."

"I don't tend to use salt anyway so these stock cubes were really good"

If you would like to try Knorr Zero Salt, why not use one of our coupons?

You’ll need to add the coupon KNORRZERO in the 'Offer code' at Boots checkout for the Only £1 offer

*T&C apply

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