Knorr Youtube Video Preview

Top angle shot of green herbs in wooden bowl with a wooden spoon filled with herbs resting on it for Knorr

Fresh tomatoes with water sprinkled

A farmes smelling the seeds in a large field
Knorr Landmark farms in Europe | Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Austria, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Sweden

Close up shot of a painted lady butterfly sipping nectar from a flower
A Bee Hotel
A farmer infront of a small pond for wildlife
A person holding soil from garden or field with worm in it
Ladybirds on a plant
A lizard on a wooden surface
Bat hanging

A Bee Hotel
Closeup of Tamarind
Two tomatoes hanging
A person holding beans in hand
onion plants

Pumpkin in a field
Closeup of Tamarind
Two tomatoes hanging
A person holding beans in hand
onion plants

Some Ordered List

  • Finger millet in a wooden bowl on black slate surface
  • Close shot image of a beautiful woman picking vegetables from the garden.
    Future 50 foods, and why it matters. Powering people for a healthier planet.
    Why it matters
  • Cooked quinoa in a bowl along with vegetables on a table
    Quinoa is healthy and high carb, making it the perfect alternative to pasta!
    How To Cook Quinoa
  • Fresh bunched beetroots
    When it comes to healthy eating, microwaves have an image problem. But recent studies shed light on the health benefits of nuking your veggies.
    Guide to Microwaving Veggies
  • Four kinds of lentils on a white surface
    A cousin of the pea, lentils are a Future 50 Food common in Asian and North African cuisines.
    Guide to Lentils
  • Wild Rice splattered on white background
    Deliciously savoury and visually appealing, it adds a welcome touch to any dish.
    Guide to Wild Rice
  • Cooked seaweed with sesame seeds on a blue plate and chop sticks with sauce and more sesame seeds in small bowls
    Want to add some natural umami goodness to your stews, soups and salads? Give it some seaweed! 1/7th of the sodium, with just as much flavour!
    Getting to know seaweed