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  • Grilled tender lamb chops coated with knorr lamb stock cube and mixed herbs

    With so many different ways to experiment, you’ll be surprised at just how many ways you can use the same key ingredient.

  • Beef and guinness stew with bacon and prunes
    Discover recipes for cooking with beef

    Rich, juicy and deliciously tender, beef’s a great go-to when you’re after something hearty. 

  • Chicken kiev with tasty panko breadcrumbs coating
    Discover recipes for cooking with chicken

    Succulent and full of flavour, it’s no wonder that for many of us chicken is a firm favourite. It’s one of the most versatile meats out there, too. 

  • Pork medallions with caramelised apples and creamy sauce
    Discover recipes for cooking with pork

    Tender and mouth-wateringly good, pork is surprisingly versatile. Enjoy it as a classic slow-cooked roast or whip up something new.

  • Pan fried salmon with tomatoes and fresh herb vinaigrette
    Discover recipes for cooking with fish

    With everything from comforting pies to lighter options, there are so many ways to bring a taste of the sea to the table.

  • Tender roast leg of lamb, a perfect sunday roast
    Discover recipes for cooking with lamb

    A melt-in-the-mouth treat, there are so many ways to enjoy lamb. While some days call from a classic roast, you can also try a more exotic twist.

  • Roast parsnips with knorr vegetable stock cube
    Discover recipes for cooking with vegetables

    Roast parsnips with knorr vegetable stock cube

  • Roast shoulder of lamb in tray with roasted vegetables
    Discover recipes by season

    Whether you’re after light spring dishes or classic winter warmers, each season offers up great new flavours.

  • Spring vegetable risotto with asparagus and mixed vegetables
    Discover recipes for spring
    Spring delights

    From vibrant crunchy greens to delicious fresh fruit, spring’s all about celebrating the new season’s produce. 

  • Roast chicken with vinaigrette of herbs and red onions
    Summer sizzlers

    Whether you’re looking for something light or going all out on the grill, these dishes will help you make the most of the warm weather.

  • Fresh pumpkin soup with coriander and elmlea
    Autumn flavours

    From crisp, red apples to bright, orange pumpkins, it’s the perfect time to enjoy vibrant colours and keep the chill out with delicious comfort food.

  • Slow cooked beef stew with mushrooms
    Winter warmers

    Comforting casseroles, piping hot stews – winter means it’s time to hibernate with something hearty. 

  • Tapenade with olives and garlic
    Discover recipes by occasion

    Whether you’re after something for everyday enjoyment or want to plan a big family feast, there’s a recipe for almost every occasion.

  • Sticky barbecue ribs with spicy chilli
    Discover recipes for a barbecue
    Best-ever barbecue

    Sun’s out, buns out! From meats to skewers, try our grill favourites and enjoy a bit of alfresco dining.

  • Christmas turkey with cranberry gravy
    Discover recipes for Christmas
    Christmas classics

    From a grand roast turkey to tons of delicious sides, ‘tis most definitely the season to overindulge.

  • Oven baked leeks in white sauce
    Discover recipes for a dinner party
    Dinner party dishes

    Cooking to impress? Whether you want delicious dishes for two of a show-stopping feast, we’ll help your dinner party run smoothly.

  • Baked macaroni and cheese with bacon
    Discover recipes for every day
    Everyday delights

    Who needs an occasion to rustle up something tasty? Make every meal something special with our everyday recipes.

  • Roast beef dinner with knorr rich beef gravy
    Discover recipes for Sunday lunch and Sunday roast
    Sunday lunch ideas

    Sunday afternoon can only mean one thing – it’s time for a delicious lunch, whether you want a roast or something completely different.

  • Baked jalapeno poppers with spicy beef and grated cheese
    Discover recipes and finger food for picnics, parties and buffets
    Party food favourites

    From little picnics to big party buffets, we’ve got plenty of finger food ideas that pack a flavourful punch in every bite.

  • Tasty homemade meatballs with tomato sauce
    Discover recipes for children
    Tasty meals for kids

    Shake up your routine and try cooking our dishes for children. Delicious and simple to make, they’re great for mums and dads on the go.

  • Huevos rancheros mexican spicy beef and fried eggs with flour tortillas and guacamole
    Discover recipes by cuisine

    There’s a world of food out there waiting to be explored – and we’re here to help you discover it. 

  • Juicy southern fried chicken pieces in tasty batter
    Discover recipes based on American cuisine

    Big, tasty and simple to rustle up, enjoy a taste of the US with delicious dishes from east coast to west.

  • Chicken and coconut thai soup
    Discover recipes based on Asian cuisine

    Fresh, aromatic and wonderfully diverse, why not experiment and explore the different flavours of Asia?

  • Homemade steak and kidney pie with great pastry
    Discover recipes based on British cuisine

    The ultimate comfort food, nothing beats a British classic. Hearty and filling, enjoy an old favourite on the dinner table.

  • Beef bourguignon in mushrooms and red wine sauce
    Discover recipes based on French cuisine

    French culinary classics don’t have to be complicated, and make a great way to bring a touch of sophistication to your table.

  • Homemade pizza
    Discover recipes based on Italian cuisine

    Pizza, pasta, risotto and plenty more, our list of favourite Italian meals goes on and on.

  • Chilli prawn salad with mango
    Discover recipes based on Mediterranean cuisine

    With deep flavours but simple ingredients, Mediterranean dishes make for a tasty treat any time of year.

  • Chicken tikka masala with rice and naan bread
    Discover recipes for cooking with beef

    Packed full of fragrant spices, Indian cuisine has so much to offer from curries to tandoori to much more.

  • Discover recipes by dietary preference
    Special diets

    Discover how enjoyable it can be to rustle up vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes with our easy recipes.

  • Cucumber salad with pomegranates and feta cheese
    Discover recipes for vegetarians
    Meat-free meals

    Vibrant, tasty and packed full of delicious flavour, we can’t get enough of these meat-free delights.

  • Couscous salad with roasted peppers and courgettes
    Discover recipes for vegans
    Vegan dishes

    Fresh and flavoursome, vegan meals can be a tasty and filling alternative. Impressively delicious and free from animal products, let us inspire you.

  • Gluten-free asparagus risotto
    Discover gluten-free recipes
    Gluten-free goodness

    Completely grain and wheat-free, our gluten-free recipes are the perfect source of inspiration.

  • Discover recipes by dish
    Our favourite dishes

    From creamy risottos to delightful soup recipes, check out some our favourite dishes.

  • Cream of mushroom soup topped with wild mushrooms
    Discover soup recipes
    Sensational soups

    Perfect as a winter warmer or maybe just a light lunch, tuck into a tasty bowl of soup.

  • Creamy spaghetti carbonara
    Discover recipes for cooking with pasta
    Pasta recipes

    Quick, easy and oh-so comforting, there are some days when only a tasty pasta dish will do.

  • Chicken and mushroom risotto
    Discover risotto recipes
    Rustle up a risotto

    Rich and creamy, this Italian classic is really versatile (and not as tricky as you might think).

  • Discover recipes by meal time
    Meal times

    From delicious dinners to something different for lunch, explore our great selection of meals.

  • Spaghetti sorrentina with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella
    Discover recipes for lunch
    Lunch ideas

    From light salads to something more filling, here’s the place to find your lunchspiration.

  • Fillet steak with pepper sauce
    Discover recipes for dinner
    Delicious dinners

    Quick and easy to something a bit more special, different days call for different dinner ideas.

  • Add sweetcorn, kidney beans and chilli for a fiery twist to your favourite Bolognese.
    Tex-Mex Spaghetti Bolognese
    Add sweetcorn, kidney beans and a kick of chilli for a fiery twist to your favourite Bolognese.
  • This Hungarian Goulash Soup is the perfect antidote to your Halloween festivities. It’s easy to make (you could even make it in advance and re-heat) and tastes great on its own, or with rice or mashed potato as a side dish.
    Ghoulish goulash served with monster eyeballs
    Try creating our delicious yet simple recipe for Hungarian Goulash Soup | Knorr
  • Greek-Style Beef Stew
    A great twist on the classic beef casserole. With tender beef pieces and intensely rich flavours, this dish will leave your mouth watering for more.
  • Chicken Noodle Soup
    Try creating our delicious yet simple recipe for Chicken Noodle Soup | Super Quick Recipe | Knorr
  • Thai Green Chicken Curry
    Try creating our delicious yet simple recipe for Thai Green Chicken Curry | Rich and Creamy | Knorr
  • Authentic Beef Moussaka with Fresh Oregano
    Try creating our delicious yet simple recipe for Moussaka | Knorr
  • Chilli Con Carne
    Try creating our delicious yet simple recipe for Chilli Con Carne| Spicy and Flavourful | Knorr
  • Asian Fish Soup
    The delicate flavours of Asian spices work incredibly well with fish, and this fish soup makes a lovely starter or light meal.
  • Chicken & Pasta Soup
    Bulk out homemade chicken soup with a handful of pasta for a super-satisfying lunch.
  • A hearty & flavoursome vegetarian one pot. Perfect for those cold winter evenings.
    Butternut squash & lentil one-pot
    A healthy veggie stew, this squash and lentil recipe is quick and easy to make.
  • Sweet Potato Pot-Sticker Dumplings
    These sweet potato dumplings are deceivingly easy! Once prepared, this delicacy will cook in just 12 minutes.

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