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Microwaving vegetables

Microwaving vegetables :
Yes, it's a thing

When it comes to healthy eating, microwaves have an image problem. We tend to associate them with processed ready-meals and not with fresh vegetables or Future 50 Foods. But recent studies shed light on the health benefits of nuking your veggies. 

Losing some nutrients is inevitable in any cooking process, they break down with the application of heat. In traditional cooking methods like boiling, many nutrients from vegetables can leak into the water and get lost. A microwave’s miraculous ability to cook vegetables rapidly mean that they actually retain more nutrients than their boiled or steamed counterparts. Who knew?

So learn to love your microwave, it’s not as bad as some will have you believe!
Microwaving works especially well with Future 50 Foods like beets, bok choi and parsley root. 

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