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Orange Tomatoes

Orange Tomatoes


Like all tomatoes, this small orange variety can be traced back to the tiny, perfectly round berries that grow wild in coastal Peru and the Galapagos Islands. That was before tomatoes were domesticated and their seeds brought back to Europe after Cortés conquered what would later be known as Mexico City in 1521. Now, red tomatoes are one of the most consumed vegetables globally.

Orange tomatoes are sweeter and less acidic than their red relatives and contain up to twice as much vitamin A and folate (B vitamin) than other varieties (red, green) and are also ‘heirloom’ – genetically unique, making them more resistant to disease and pests. They can be used in the same way as the more familiar red varieties: in soups, to make sauces or chutney, or added to casseroles and stews. They’re also delicious roasted to bring out even more sweetness and can be eaten on their own as a snack.


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