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Full of flavour Easter break recipes

by #kidinfluencers

We’re on a mission to get Britain cheating on meat with mouth-watering meat free meals made with Knorr Zero Salt Stock Cubes so easy that anyone can do it.

This Easter, as part of its #TasteTribe campaign we partnered  with kidfluencers’ @ChefRocco10@Triplets_In_My_Kitchen and @QuadsAgainstTheOdds, to recreate delicious meat-free recipes they love to enjoy at home, that still retain the same great taste and flavour – but with Zero Salt.

Championing the Zero Salt Veggie stock cubes, the tiny chefs are here to teach us how to whip up a family-friendly, salt-free, delicious meals – check out their videos for the full recipes!

Chef Rocco

Sweet Potato & Spinach Gnocchi recipe

Having started his Instagram page in lockdown as a 9-year-old, Rocco’s built a following by doing what he loves, cooking – as well as appearing on Sky News Breakfast twice!

Coming from an Italian heritage, Rocco’s Sweet Potato & Spinach Gnocchi recipe stays true to his favourite Italian cuisine, and nicely incorporates the flavour additions of Knorr Zero Salt Veggie stock cubes.

Chef Rocco’s quote: “I love using Knorr Zero Salt Veggie stock cubes because they add delicious flavour to my recipes, while also keeping me healthy as they contain no salt. As I come from an Italian background, gnocchi alla Sorrentina is my favourite!

So, I chose this recipe as I wanted to share how easy it is to re-create, using Knorr Zero Salt Veggie stock. I also like to add the stock in my pasta and curry sauces too!”

Quads Against the Odds

 Pasta-Pesto Recipe

5-year-old quadruplets, Mia, Melina, Gionni and Peppe, love cooking with the help of their mum. The quadruplets will use any excuse to get in the kitchen and can’t get enough of making flavoursome meals!

    With the help of their mum, the Quads’ created an Easy Pesto Pasta Dinner, showcasing the simple ways you can enjoy Knorr Zero Salt Veggie stock cubes in family-friendly recipes.

    Quad’s Against the Odds’ Mum quote: “Vegan friendly pesto is a super easy, kid friendly recipe packed with lots of nutrition and a little extra magic of a Knorr Zero Salt Veggie stock cube! I think it’s so important to be able to choose if and how much salt is added to the quads meals, so something like this that can be made in just a few minutes and is low in salt – is perfect!”

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