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Getting families to #CheatOnMeat

Getting families to #CheatOnMeat


When the UK diet consists of eating two pieces of meat to only one portion of vegetables, the same 4-5 meals each week and 1/3 of UK children only getting two portions of fruit and vegetables a day we knew there had to be some changes. We at Knorr decided to take the lead and help the UK to Cheat on Meat with some simple tips, ideas and changes anyone can do.

Together with Knorr’s flavour expertise, we can help you cook and eat meat-free meals, more often which is better for you and our planet.

The Hairy Bikers

Partnering with the Hairy Bikers

We partnered with the Hairy Bikers as they are long-time lovers of all things meat but they themselves have been on a journey with their diets.

At the beginning, their diets were mostly meat-based, but after seeing the impact on their health, waistlines and a little convincing, they happily came onboard with eating meat free meals regularly. 

We first teamed up with the Hairy Bikers in 2019 to show the rest of Britain that with the right flavour base, like Knorr Veggie Stocks, its easy to pack flavour into meat free dishes so they become mouth-wateringly tempting!

So if these staunch meat-lovers can fall in love with meat free meals then so can you.

Pasta Primavera recipe image

What's Stopping You?

Want to start exploring the world of brilliant meat-free meals? You’re in the right place! Our passion for better cooking and eating goes right back to when we began in 1838, so when it comes to what flavours to try, how to make simple swaps, or even your basic cooking skills, we’ve got your back.

We have a variety of meat-free recipes that are full of flavour, for all tastes and budgets. Best thing is, you don’t need any Michelin stars to put them together. Just something to chop with – and on – a few pots and pans, and a sense of adventure.

See below for a selection of our Cheat On Meat recipes.

The Hairy Bikers Heart & Sole Podcast

As the world gets back on its feet after such a challenging time Si and Dave, the Hairy Bikers, are as excited as anyone to recapture the magic and enjoyment of great food. Together with Knorr, the experts in all thing flavour, they’ve invited their celebrity mates to talk about dinner, lunch and tea. You’re gonna get hungry!

Have a listen The Hairy Bikers Heart & Sole Podcast!

Cheat On Meat One Day a Week

We believe even Cheating On Meat for even one day a week is enough to make a difference for both people and the planet.

That’s why we’re a proud support of Meat Free Monday, who say that having at least one meat-free day a week is great for the planet and our future. 

To see how much difference you can make check out their Impact Calculator.

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