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Cheat on Meat With Knorr Veggie Stocks

An image of sweet potato & bean chilli on a plate with Knorr Veggie Stock

Our Mission: To Get the Nation to Cheat on Meat

We’re on a mission to get Britain cheating on meat with mouth-watering meat free meals made with Knorr Veggie Stocks.

The UK on average are eating 2 pieces of meat to 1 portion of vegetables and our diets are in need of some TLC with most people eating the same 4 - 5 meals each week!

With Knorr’s flavour expertise we have created meat free recipes that are mouth-wateringly delicious, don’t compromise on flavour and will add that variety into your meal repertoire – which is better for you and our planet.

Are you with us?

Hairy Bikers in the kitchen

So you know we need to reduce our meat intake for the planet and our health which means adding variety into our diets by eating meat free with more vegetables.

At Knorr are we making cheating on meat free mouth-watering simple and easy – even the staunchest meat lover will make the change.

Want to know how? Let’s hear from the Hairy Bikers.

Pasta Primavera recipe image

Making small changes is good for our planet, boosts your health and reduces animal suffering. Discover the difference you can make by simply cheating on meat even just for one day a week.


Cheat on Meat Recipes


Top Tips To Cheat on Meat

Simple Swaps

Successful habits are built one step at a time! Try swapping plain white rice for wild rice or adding spinach or kale into your salads.​

Update Your Protein​

Reducing your animal-based protein intake can reduce our impact on the environment.  Try swapping beef mince for meat free mince, earthy lentils, meaty black beans or buttery broad beans.​

Go Seasonal​

​There are so many vegetables you can try throughout the year from pumpkins, squash, fresh peas to asparagus.  ​

Eat A Rainbow​

Having a colourful plate will add a variety of vitamins and minerals to your diet. So next time you are cooking your favourite meal add some fresh tomatoes, yellow peppers or crunchy red cabbage to name just a few!​

One Meal At A Time​

Start with making one meal a week meat free, then move to one day a week such as meat free Monday’s. Who knows even building up to 3-4 days meat free a week.  ​

We are so passionate about eating meat free we are a proud supporter of Meat Free Monday because we both know small changes can make a BIG difference! ​

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