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#CheatOnMeat With Knorr Veggie Stocks


 With Knorr Veggie Stocks

Let’s Get the Nation Cooking Meat-Free More Often 



We’re on a mission to make meat-free a nationwide choice. We know us Brits aren’t eating as much veg as we should be. So, we decided to take charge and help the nation make a change. With Knorr’s flavours and expertise, we want to get Britain cooking and eating meat-free meals, more often – which is better for you and our planet. Here’s to leading more nutritious lifestyles by cheating on meat with Knorr Veggie Stocks.




Cheat on meat recipe


Our Mission

When UK families eat two pieces of meat to one portion of veg, British household diets are in need of some veggie inspired recipes that are jam-packed with flavour. We’re on a mission to get the nation to fall for meat-free meals that don’t compromise on flavour with the help of Knorr Veggie Stocks. Are you with us?


Knorr Flavoured Veggie Pots

Discover our new range of flavoured veggie stock pots. We believe that meat-free meals can be just as tasty and satisfying, and to help with this, we have developed a range of new veggie pots designed to give full on flavour. 

Cheat on meat recipe

Cheat on Meat Recipes

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