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Great sauces for beef

The French, of course, are masters of sauces


A great piece of beef or a succulent steak doesn’t need much, but I think a sauce can really enhance the flavour. Flavoured butters were very fashionable in restaurants when I was a young chef. They’re not seen very often these days and I think that’s a shame, as they’re a very simple way of giving a piece of grilled or fried meat that extra lift. I’ve suggested a couple of flavoured butters that go especially well with steak, but feel free to experiment. You might want to try other herbs – say thyme or rosemary – or add a touch of garlic. 

The French, of course, are masters of sauces and I always enjoy cooking meat with classic French sauces. For a luxurious treat, try my rich Steak au poivre.

I’ve also got a soft spot for bottled sauces, which I love playing about with, mixing them together. My easy-to-make Steak Table Sauce is a real family favourite – fantastic with grilled meats, hamburgers and of course, great with steaks!