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From Knorr® Stock Cubes to our new Flavour Pot range, there’s a Knorr® product to perfectly complement your cooking.


New Knorr® Flavour Pots

Capturing the flavour and intense aroma of fresh herbs and spices, these convenient pots have been carefully created to enhance mealtimes.

Knorr® Chicken Gravy Pot

Remember how great home-made gravy used to taste? Recapture that same rich, authentic flavour with our Chicken Gravy Pot. Made with slowly simmered meat juices, it’s the perfect accompaniment to your chicken roast. New from Igor and Knorr®.

Knorr® Gourmet Creamy Wild Mushroom Chicken

Give your chicken a gourmet edge with this delicious blend of wild mushrooms, chives, spices and a dash of white wine. Part of the Knorr® Gourmet range of recipe mixes – new from Sebastian Grosdemange and Knorr®.

Knorr® Fish Stock Pot

At the heart of an authentic fish pie is a great fish stock. New Knorr® Fish Stock Pot tastes just like stock made from scratch, bringing you the taste of the sea, at home.

Knorr® Herb Infusion Pot

At the heart of a tasty lamb casserole is a classic combination of herbs. New Knorr® Herb Infusion Pot has the perfect blend of thyme, parsley and bay leaves. It’s the great taste of the outdoors. Indoors.


Knorr® Rich Beef Stock Pot

Marco’s cooking for Yorkshire’s finest. If anyone knows about good gravy, it’s these ladies. Luckily Knorr® have created this new Rich Beef Stock Pot. Darker, with a deeper, more intense flavour that makes all beef dishes richer and tastier. New Knorr® Rich Beef Stock Pot. Approved by gravy experts.

Knorr® Beef Stock Pot

At Knorr® we believe that great cooking deserves great stock – like Knorr® Beef Stock Pot. It tastes just how a real beef stock made from scratch should and is slowly simmered for a more authentic flavour.

Knorr Chicken Stock Cubes

I first started using Knorr® Chicken Stock Cubes for seasoning. I would mash them into paste with olive oil and rub it in, to lock in the flavours. Some say you can’t buy taste – I disagree.