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Fighting bugs with bugs

Protecting crops
the natural way

In the battle to keep crops free of hungry pests Knorr farmers increasingly look to nature to get the job done.

Every pest has a natural foe, so all farmers have to do is carefully identify different breeds that don’t get on, a more natural solution for moving along unwanted visitors. Bugs like the Nesidiocoris, which likes nothing more than to eat the tomato- loving Tuta Absoluta moth. These moths are a farmer’s greatest danger to a tomato crop and can wipe out entire fields, so getting rid of them is essential. Prevention is always better than action.

But bugs are tiny so it’s not always easy for farmers to know when they have hungry unwanted visitors – and to be able to apply pesticide only when it’s needed. That’s why some farmers have started using traps doused in insect perfume that attract bugs and contain tiny cameras that take pictures so the farmer can see what’s happening and whether they need to take action. If it counts a lot of bugs in the trap the farmer will get pinged with a text message to alert them that there’s trouble.

Fighting bugs with bugs

In the battle to keep crops free of hungry pests knorr farmers increasingly look to nature to get the job done.

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