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A plate of ginataang dahon ng kamoteng kahoy at liempo on a wooden serving tray, styled with fresh kamoteng kahoy leaves on the side

A Well-Balanced Dish of Ginataang Dahon ng Kamoteng Kahoy at Liempo

Kamoteng kahoy or cassava is a staple root vegetable in many Filipino households. While the starchy crop is a common ingredient in desserts, its leaves typically feature in savory fare. In Bicolano cuisine, kamoteng kahoy leaves are cooked in coconut milk with grilled pork belly to create a deliciously filling ulam. The dish pairs well with steamed rice for a hearty meal that serves all your daily nutritional needs, from carbs to healthy fats. 

Thanks to the creativity of Filipino home cooks, recipes like this stretch the benefits of kamoteng kahoy far beyond the use of its root. The leaves alone can be a great source of immunity-boosting vitamin C. Plus, they're just as versatile as other leafy greens, so you can easily add them to different dishes. 

If you’ve never cooked with these leaves before, you’re in for a treat. Start with this Bicolano-inspired recipe. It uses a ready-made ginataang gulay mix, which lessens prep time without skimping on flavor. 

Ingredients for Ginataang Dahon ng Kamoteng Kahoy at Liempo Recipe

How to Cook Ginataang Dahon ng Kamoteng Kahoy at Liempo

Step 1

Season the pork with salt before grilling in a hot pan. Allow the cooked meat to cool before slicing into bite-sized pieces. 

Step 2

Next, pour oil into your pan and bring it up to medium heat. Sauté garlic and grilled liempo for a few minutes or until aromatic. Add water and the Knorr Complete Recipe Mix Ginataang Gulay. 

Step 3

Simmer for five minutes before adding in the kamoteng kahoy leaves. Continue simmering until the leaves are cooked through. Serve hot. 

Now you have a well-balanced dish as rich and comforting as it is easy to make. If you have leftover liempo, feel free to use it for this recipe to cut the cooking time further. You can even sauté the kamoteng kahoy leaves alongside other veggies to fill up on more nutrients. Add fresh chilies for a kick of spice or swap the pork for other grilled meats. This recipe is yours to make your own! If this inspired you to whip up more nutritious meals with gata, try this ginataang gulay or chicken kalabasa curry gata next!

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