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Chicken and Rice Soup

When I think of comfort food, I think of this Chicken and Rice soup. It's a complete meal on its own. With rice, chicken, some veggies and soup flavoured with Knorr Chicken Cube, you will find yourself cooking this dish more often at home! It's simply delicious!
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  • 1 small onion, peeled and diced
  • 2 tbsp vegetable oil
  • 1 pc Knorr Chicken Cube
  • 1/4 cup uncooked rice (Dinorado-type)
  • 150 grams chicken breast fillet, cubed
  • 1/2 cup frozen green peas
  • 1/4 cup cream
  • 1/4 pc red onion, peeled and finely sliced
  • 3 sprigs of fresh cilantro (wansoy), leave spicked and roughly chopped